Pierce College at Puyallup Ancient Civilizations 5 Question Presentation

https://legacy.saylor.org/hist101/Unit08/ (Links to an external site.)

Click on the link above. Read through each of the links listed below. Take half page of notes from each of the following links listed below. For this assignment, you will submit 2.5 pages of notes. Number and title each section so that it is clear there are 5 distinct sections. Double spacing is allowed. These notes must demonstrate mastery and understanding of the material. Your submission must be as an attachment in Word format.

1. History of Mesoamerican Civilization

2. The Rise and Fall of the Civilizations of Teotihuacan and the Mayas

3. The Toltecs

4. Understanding Chavin and the origins of the Andean Civilization

5. The Tiahuanacan Culture


Create a Power Point of 20 slides that cover the most significant people, dynasties, events, and locations from:

Use at least three outside sources beyond the above and include a Works Cited as slide #21. Pictures and/or maps plus explanations must be included. Each slide should contain detailed content and visual aids. Any sign of copy/pasting from any source will not be accepted. Detail and thoroughness will be a significant part

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