Please choose any ONE of the questions below from this unit and write at least a 2 paragraph journal entry


Writing in your journal will help you retain the material, improve your critical thinking skills and reflect on what you learn. You will also receive individual feedback from the instructor to guide your progress in this course.


Please choose any ONE of the questions below from this unit and write at least a 2 paragraph journal entry that reflects your understanding of this topic.Sound critical thinking involves understanding various points of view, evaluating positions, and then your own opinion. First, gather information, evaluate the legitimacy of the arguments, paraphrase the evidence you used to form your position using your own words (remember citations if you quote a source), and finally establish and explain your position on this topic.

Click on the link above to post your Journal Entry. Before posting your entry make sure it is grammar and spell checked. You are strongly encouraged to look at the rubric grading below to see how your entry will be scored.

Only the instructor will be able to see and comment on your journal. Your classmates will not be able to view your entry.


Unit 5 Journal Questions (please choose any one):

  • What is the difference between a journal and a ledger? How are journals and ledgers incorporated into the accounting cycle? (Chapter 17);
  • What are two major forms of debt financing? Describe and differentiate between the two types. (Chapter 18);
  • Explain the major advantages and disadvantages of issuing stock as a source of long-term financing. (Chapter 19);
  • Describe and compare the three major types of organizations that make up the U.S. banking system: commercial banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions. (Chapter 20).
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