Learning Outcomes
1. Discuss cultural competence in professional nursing practice.
2. Evaluate how collaboration and teamwork assist in care delivery.
3. Assess the use of technology in professional nursing practice.
4. Compare and contrast the past and future of professional nursing.
5. Discuss QSEN.
6. Apply the IOM’s core competency of quality improvement.

Professional nurses must be culturally competent in order to succeed in a diverse healthcare environment. Future professional nurse leaders understand the need for collaboration, cultural sensitivity/diversity, technology, and quality. The field of nursing has changed significantly over the last few decades, but the goal has always been and will always be to provide quality care that is patient-centered—to obtain quality outcomes driven by practical application of best practices. The means of reaching the goal is currently based on evidence and nursing research. This week you will learn about quality and safety education for nurses (QSEN), cultural competence, and service quality in professional nursing. You will also engage in discussions about collaboration and technology in ensuring quality. Finally, you will demonstrate an understanding of the future of professional nursing based on research.

Cultural Competence & Service Quality.  

Cultural competence enables the professional nurse to provide quality care to all patients, irrespective of socio-cultural differences. Cultural competence and service quality can only be unified if the professional nurse first acknowledges his/her personal biases. Nurses practice in various health settings that require unique skills to provide adequate care to the diverse patient population that they serve.
For this discussion, identify a time in practice when you encountered or experienced a laxity in cultural competence. Avoid using names of person(s) or organization(s). Provide an insight into the lessons learned. Use scholarly resources to support your discussion.


Collaboration, Technology Use, & Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) in Professional Nursing.  

Nursing care requires promptness, precision, and quality to ensure optimal care outcomes. Collaboration and teamwork provides comprehensive and efficient care for the patient. Technology enables prompt and accurate healthcare delivery. Collaboration coupled with technology enables healthcare providers to deliver care that is expeditious and efficacious.
For this discussion, select (a) the impact of technology, (b) collaboration, or (c) CQI in professional nursing care. Then, make an argument in favor of its application in your practice. Be as detailed as possible, so that your classmates can clearly agree or differ in their professional opinions. Use scholarly resources to support your discussion.

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