PSY 104 Child and Adolescent Development WK5-A

Community Center Proposal[WLOs: 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]Prior to beginning work on this assignment, review Chapters 5, 7, 8,  11, and 12, which are the primary chapters in the textbook and provide  you with the theoretical foundations for this project. Also review the Exploring Borderlands–American Passages: A Literary Survey video. Many of the other resources in the previous weeks may also be helpful.Remember that you have already created nine of the required 15  activities for this assignment in Weeks 2, 3, and 4. You received  feedback from your instructor and from the Writing Center on those  activity papers. You are expected to incorporate that feedback into the  nine activities already created. During this last week, you will place  those activities in the appropriate room in your proposal and create the  remaining six activities.Focus of the Final Project:Your community is planning to open a brand-new child development  community center. Now that you are an expert in the field, you have been  chosen to create a proposal for interactive, fun, and educational  programming activities that will be provided for children and  adolescents in this center. The chosen activities must be  developmentally appropriate and based in theory. You will present your  ideas to the city council with a written proposal describing the  programming in detail. You have been asked to propose programming for  the following five different age groups in the child development  community center:Infant (0-1 year)Toddler (1-3 years)Early Childhood (3-6 years)Middle to Late Childhood (7-12 years)Adolescence (13-18 years)Use this Community Child Development Center Proposal Template  to organize your proposal. Enter the requested information on the title  page where indicated. Where you find the text, “In this section you  will describe the activity …” within the proposal template, please  remove that and enter your own content. The headings in bold should not  be altered. The final content for each “room” will consist of three  paragraphs that will address three distinct activities that address  physical, cognitive, and psychosocial development for that age group.  Table 5.1 in your textbook will be very useful in identifying the major  milestones in physical development.In your Community Child Proposal,Describe the activity in some detail (provide more than just the name of the activity).Identify the specific domain related theory concept that supports the use of this activity.Identify how the activity enhances physical, cognitive, or psychosocial development.Special Notes:A good way to brainstorm different age appropriate activities is using Google’s search tool before researching. Please review What Is CRAAP? A Guide to Evaluating Web Sources (Links to an external site.).  For example, enter “activities to support cognitive development in  toddlers” and numerous sites with suggested activities will be  displayed. Remember that your activities may be simple (especially with  newborns), but they must also be specific and age appropriate, and you  are to connect them to developmental theory within the proposal. You  must also cite the sources in your proposal.While much of the theoretical support for your proposal will come  from the textbook, you must include information somewhere in the  proposal from three credible or scholarly sources. If you included a  source in your Weeks 2, 3, and 4 papers, then you have already met this  requirement. Just transfer the source to the final proposal. Remember to  cite all your sources (including the textbook) according to APA style  as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center.

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