question below

Theme 1:

Discuss the need for quantitative research in the healthcare service field. Provide an example of a researchable question that will be investigated with quantitative research. Explain which research methods and designs can be applied to the chosen question research. What challenges and biases may impact the study results?

Theme 2 :

Health executives have a code of ethics and policy statements which guide their behavior. Examine one of the policy statements provided by and comment on how this code may differ in nature than the health care provider codes. Be specific. Do you see any ethical issues emerging out of health care reform yet are not consider in the ACHE documents? Peers are expected to demonstrate critical thinking in their questions related to the classmates’ descriptions. See Discussion Expectations and Grading for rules on discussions.

Assigned reading materials:

  • Patient Privacy and Genetic Testing-
  • Standards for Ethical Behavior Among Health Care Executives-
  • Teaching Clinical Ethics Using a Case Study Family Presence During Cardiopulmonary-

Theme 3:

Please answer the questions below.

1. In what ways does the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) impact health care facility management?

2. In what ways do organizations like The Joint Commission impact health care facility management?

3. In what ways does the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) impact health care facility management?

4. What are Accountable Care Organizations? How can they contribute to heath care?


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