I have work I want it throw two days,

this one

((( article choice would be perfect–on your “Talk page.” Ultimately, you will post your responses to this second evaluation in your Sandbox. You can title this section of your sandbox “Wikipedia discussion/evaluation assignment 2” – please be sure to link to the article(s) you’re evaluating. But you can draft it on your “Talk” page.

So, I want you to have some practice with the “Sandbox.” We will not be creating an article or even editing an existing one. So, there won’t be something you’ll need to move out of Sandbox onto a main page. Still, because anyone can see our individual sandboxes, it’s important to be polite and intellectually ethical, citing sources you use in some way, and being respectful of the article you’re working on. You can can practice (i.e., draft your assignment) on your own “Talk” page; we each have one. You’ll see its tab when you log in.
Just be careful not to write (not yet, not for this class, in any case) on the article’s Talk page.)

Remember that the bullet points below comprise the topics I would like you to discuss.

1-Check the “Talk” page of the article you’ve selected. What is the level of importance (or quality) assigned to the topic? What is the class-level of the article, and what reason(s) did you find for that “grade?”
2- Is there a focus for the comments, or are there several? What are the issues that the comments address.
3- Select two of the issues, and summarize the discussions. How does the discussion relate to what you have learned, or feel you know about the issue? Is there resolution? How does the language on the actual page relate to the talk about it?
4-How do the article and discussion relate to our treatment of the topic—in our reading and in our discussion? Did we address it at all? If so, did we do so in ways consistent with the understanding in the article or the talk page? You may find agreement with some of the discussants and disagreement with others.
5- What is your sense of the discussion? In other words, what do you conclude is most convincing or explanatory? Why? (i.e., what reasoning led you to draw the conclusion you have drawn?)

you choice the article from the talk page you can send to me the link for the article, because i think you do not need to work from my account just copy the link for me.

the article will be about just one of these topic you can choice one
1- reduplication
2- part of speech
3- compound
4- word formation

and after you choice the article you will answer the questions from 1 to 5 .. you can answer them in word file and then i will post them in my sandbox

I think also I need to draft the article on my page talk you can just pot all these in word file and i will post them on my page

choice the article from the topic i have post them ( copy the link for me )
and the draft the article in the word file and then i will post it in my talk page ..
then answer the questions from 1 to 5

there is no length just depend on the questions.

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