Reflection Paper – International Business


  • Reflection paper covering the following topics: Hofstede’s Values, Cultural Orientations Framework, Organizational Architecture Model, Change Management
  • The paper should be written from the perspective an American salesman who does some business in Mexico, France and the UK. The paper should reflect on the topics above and how they could impact your approach to your business and the people you manage and work with.
  • Reflect on these various lessons and experiences and generate insights from them by drawing out some patterns and some generalizations (as opposed to generalities) which might assist someone (or companies) to function better in new cultural business environments
  • You can think of this as a report to your boss who has asked for a complete but concise summary of the important lessons you have learned from the course that he/she could use on his/her new international assignment.
  • Evaluation is based on both the scope of the material from the course covered in the paper and the quality of the generalizations.
  • The paper should not just be a summary of the topics.
  • Readings and resources attached should be referenced
  • Multiple sources required
  • Minimum 6 pages single spaced
  • Well-structured using headings throughout
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