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You have been divided into two groups. For this forum, Group A (Last name A-H) will assume the role of an individual opposed to Imperialism, while Group B (Last name I-Z) will argue in support. In response to Kipling’s poem, each of you should post a statement in support, or in opposition to the idea of Imperialism. You do not need to restrict yourself to the moral justification. The arguments for, and against, expansion took many avenues. Try not to make assumptions. Instead, assume the historical role of someone who lived in the United States near the turn of the century. You could be a manufacturer, a pastor, or a politician. Conversely, you can be a laborer, a pacifist, or a housewife. Be creative.


Hello to All,

You may all be hearing some amount of anti-imperialist propaganda, but I am here to tell you that we must continue to support imperialism or else lose the very way of life on which this great country was built. It is our responsibility to go out and find those who are foreign to our ways and educate and enlighten them. The only way to improve the human race is to help those who are weaker.

Already, we have provided things that they, the natives, did not have such as improved medicines, transportation and electricity. Also, in addition to providing a better educational system, we have also taught the natives how to maintain more productive farming operations and how to utilize the land’s natural resources to their full potential.

We protect the colonies from their enemies and provide stability between regions by taking over and providing governance. Without a unified government, these colonies and tribes would never be able to find civility among themselves.

Those opposed to our imperialistic foundation claim that it is merely a tool for the rich. I argue that it is not a tool for the rich, but a tool for our country that can, and will, be used to expand our territories and become a wealthy and powerful nation, together.

Our people are civilized, educated and determined. We have a duty to share these values and our knowledge with the rest of the continent and the world. Any territory that we acquire should be grateful for all that we have to offer.


I am a manufacturer of goods here in America. Soon, overproduction will be upon us and the sales of my goods will be naught. Imperialism allows for the expansion of the market that sells my goods into new territories. This expansion of the market will boost my sales, just as it will boost many other manufacturers’ sales across the country. This will boost the US economy, which we know is a staple of power. I choose to support strengthening our new nation not vote against it.

Naysayers preach of racial injustice and that the whites are taking advantage of the indigenous non-white people on account of their inferiority. The truth is that the people are welcomed into the fold, absorbed into the melting pot of American society, thereby promoting racial diversity. The anti-imperialist mentality promotes a “let us stick to our own kind” sentiment, which is antithetical to racial diversity.

Surely the people of these territories will benefit from the arrival of new goods and technology. Not only will they have access to a plethora of new goods to purchase, but will also gain new employment to facilitate the operations of these new markets. I can imagine this process of gaining new territory and expanding markets until there are markets carrying my goods in every city in the world.

I say, let us explore, colonize and share our wealth and knowledge. The stronger our economic power the stronger we are as a nation. Denying these truths would be to suborn pacifism and eventually lead to the fall of a nation we fought so hard to build.


Hello fine people. I have heard about some debate with the changes happening. As a seller of your fine goods I want you to know I am interested in nothing but the success of everyone here and your families. Britain doesn’t care about their people but here in our country, we do!

We founded this country and we are going to make it great! New opportunities are coming to us. With the new economic plans we will be able to sell more of your crops faster and to more people. We are expanding and I don’t want you to get left behind. You will be able to get more land for yourselves or for your family. We are learning more about technology and how it can help us, after all if we don’t get into technology and take the lead, technology will take us down.

With our ability to expand, we are creating military points to strategically protect our nation. We will soon be able to keep our free country free from other countries. This is what we were meant to come here to do! We need to develop and protect our free nation!

This is truly a united, team effort. I’m glad I’m on the right team! You will have more land to tend to, more crops to sell, more money to make and our manufactures will be more successful as well. With all the shared success, we can provide medical attention to your family and an education for your wife. This is truly the land of opportunity now!

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