research presentation

Research Presentation

presentation (powerpoint) based on the research paper attached

no minimum slides , but needs to be 15 min worth of talking at least

  • Due Tuesday by 11:59pm
  • Points 60
  • Submitting a text entry box or a file upload
  • Available May 9 at 6pm – Jun 5 at 11:59pm 27 days

Students are required to prepare a presentation of their criminal justice research paper. This presentation should be a thorough discussion of the research conducted and the paper written. Grades will be based on how well students present their research topic including the number of examples, eye contact, outside sources used to develop the research. Presentations must be a minimum of 15 minutes and go no longer than 30 minutes. Students can use power points, Prezi, or any other presentation format to share with the class. This will be a peer-reviewed assignment.

Presentation Rubric


10 – 7


6 – 4


3 – 0


Overall Delivery



Student spoke loud and clear for the audience. The student provided and maintained good eye contact during the presentation. The student demonstrated he/she practiced prior to class. Body language, gestures and speaking voice were appropriate for audience. Student involved audience members when/where applicable.

Student minimally held audience’s attention. Student voice wavered in clarity, tone and did not maintain consistent eye contact.

Student refused to present. Student presentation did not meet the minimum time requirement. Student did not attempt or did not maintain eye contact. The student was not clear or loud when speaking.

Use of Visual Aids

Student used sufficient and appropriate visual aids. Student did not rely on visual aids to carry presentation. Visual aids were explained and easy to understand.

Presentation included too many or too few visual aids. Visual aids were not explained.

Student solely relied on visual aid(s) during presentation or failed to use any visual aid(s).


Student displayed depth insight of the topic, by providing supported research, examples, case studies, interviews, etc. Student related the information to audience members appropriately.

Adequate research presented from class material and discussions, no additional insight from outside sources. General understanding of information, but lacked some accuracy.

Presentation did not provide relevant or accurate information.


Ideas were logical, concise and easy to interpret. The student was clear on his/her stance or point of view of the topic. The flow of the presentation was smooth and easy to understand.

Student is clear, but not a consistent or logical flow of information and ideas.

Presentation was not logical in structure and was difficult to follow/understand. The student was not clear on issue/point of view.


All information presented was appropriate in language, relevant to the subject matter, and well considered thesis.

Ideas presented to support student’s point of view, but did not suggest any challenges or areas to consider for future outlook. Information is generic and general.

The information was irrelevant to the topic. Material was inappropriate, confusing or too vague

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