Respond to discussion board minimum 100 words

You just basically responding to the student

Student paper down below:

I enjoyed all aspects of this class. I think the most compelling topic was how drugs affect a person’s family. People don’t really always see how it affects each individual person in their own unique way; things are seen differently through everyone’s eyes. This also really hit home for me because I have family members who have struggled with addiction in the past so I have seen first hand how this can be on a family.

I am not a huge fan of discussion boards but it is nice to be able to read other peoples posts and receive their feed back. Everyone has a different point of view on things so it is nice to see others. It was also nice that in some instances people handled situations differently than I chose to; this provided me with a different perspective the I could use in the future. There was nothing that was left unclear or that needs further explanation.

I am completely biased to Intellipath. I would have loved to have some scenarios put together with questions at the end. I like the interaction and also that you can usually do it more than once. The repetition makes the information stick for me which is so much more useful when it comes to doing the individual projects.

I hope everyone does well in their future!

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