Respond to the following peer discussion

  • Recommend three strategies you might use as a first-time administrator to ensure that you are effective in the role. State how these can be applied to ensure the budget is performing according to the established performance indicators.

As a first-time administrator, three strategies that I would use to ensure that I am effective in my role

  1. Be a people person: Being able to work closely and understand what everyone does to ensure that they feel comfortable with informing me of what does and does not work. Say that I have to make cuts to the budget, I want the people to tell me what we can cut back on without there being an issue in the schools.
  2. Be transformational in my leadership: I want to be able to transform with whatever environment or change will come around. Say that budget cuts come about and I have to go to another position, I want to be able to relate to what I have been placed into without feeling like I am ready to quit, especially since life all about change and we cannot predict the future.
  3. Be able to take criticism, whether negative or positive: A true leader cannot call themselves such if they are not willing to accept what is wrong. To stay according to the established performance indicators, one must be able to accept whatever is going to be said about them without lashing out, sort of like the whistle blower rule in the work place.

Administrators must know how to make the decisions to keep on target with the performance indicators that will be successful for everyone and me as a first-timer, I would use these skills to ensure this.

  • Describe three concepts or skills you learned in the course that you can apply in your current or future professional life.

Three concepts/skills that I have learned in this course that can be applied to my current professional life are:

  1. Trend analysis do not always work, so do not expect the same thing from every case, but always have a backup plan to
  2. If at first you do not succeed, try again. There is always another way to get through a situation. Not every situation will work out in the way that you may have planned, but with some hard work and determination, you can get through it
  3. Trust: one of my biggest downfalls is not trusting others enough to let them help out or make decisions for me. However, I want to learn to listen to others to help me make the tough decisions, especially when it comes to cuts that will be made in something like a school that I am not at every day of the week.
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