Response to Classmates discussion post.

Initial Question:

Describe common mistakes mentors or coaches make when working with a mentee. How could avoiding these mistakes improve the mentor-mentee relationship? How could avoiding these mistakes lead to more significant progress from the mentee achieving agreed-upon goals?


A common mistake is trying to take on too much in regards to helping out your mentee. We should be available and good resources, but some mentors are very hands on and actually start doing the work for the mentee. A great deal of those activities that the mentor ends up doing would be valuable experience. Being too hands on will not give room for the mentee to grow. The whole point of all of this is for the mentee to be gaining valuable experience as the mentee can observe and give advice if needed. A non overbearing mentor allows the relationships to feel more natural and let the mentee ask free open ended questions for advice. When the relationship is free for the mentee to relax that’s when they feel they can grow the most and hit goals that were set by the mentee.

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