Focusing the analysis on only Samsung’s mobile phone business line.


This project will require an in-depth strategic analysis of an industry and of a company within said industry. An objective of this project is to develop understanding and appropriate application of industry diagnostic and company analytical frameworks. Additionally, it is intended to enhance ones understanding of: competitive and corporate strategies, the generation of strategic alternatives, decision making and the development of implementation plans.

The deliverables require using the strategy concepts and frameworks discussed in the course, and will also build on knowledge acquired in previous business and economics courses. Additional objectives of this project are to help develop and refine critical thinking, analytical, oral presentation, written communication, and research skills.

Your report should include all appropriate citations and references for your research. This project requires extensive external research primarily using public sources.

Please use APA style format. There are plenty of on-line consultation that can be tailored to your research and information needs.

Referencing is our way of acknowledging books, papers, internet sources and other materials that have been used while researching your projects. This acknowledgment needs to be made twice: once in the body of your text and again with full details at the end of the paper in a bibliography.

Your first formal team task is to do some research on your company and confirm that there are sufficient analysis and publicly traded competitors for which financials are available. If you discover any issue, please alert me and we can figure out an alternative company.

Next steps are as follows:

Develop a comprehensive industry and external environmental analysis.

Conduct an internal analysis of the firm (e.g., key resources and capabilities relative to competitors; core competences; potential sources of competitive advantage; financial performance relative to peers over the last three years).

Analyze the company’s strategies (i.e., competitive strategy, corporate strategy, global strategy).

Identify the strategic issues and challenges that are facing the company (i.e., should be evident from your analyses).

Identify growth strategies and optional steps this firm might consider. Maintaining status quo is certainly an option but would not be a strong recommendation (see next requirement).

Develop a set of detailed strategic recommendations with realistic projections for your company. These recommendations should be strategic in nature, rather than purely tactical. As part of these recommendations, you should provide a discussion of the key risks associated with these recommendations, as well as the key decision criteria you used in selecting these recommendations. Impact of recommendations (including different scenarios) and possible unintended consequences should be assessed.

Identify the time frame and associated key actions that will be required to successfully implement your recommendations.

In the final report exhibits should be numbered and titled. Exhibits should be referred to in numerical order.

Writing mechanics and structure are expected to be at a high level. (Hints: Business writing tends toward short, precise sentences. Paragraphs are highly focused. You should consider using a grammar and spell checker.)

The Strategy Analysis Project will be evaluated

based on:

● Thoroughness and relevance of information presented:

o Did the team thoroughly research and analyze the topic or was it a superficial


o Did the group present relevant information or was a lot of nonessential information


● Organization and synthesis of evidence to reveal insightful, less obvious,


● Discussion supported by appropriate analytical exhibits;

● Arguments that utilize quantitative analysis to support conclusions;

● All elements of the analytical methodology and framework are correctly &

skillfully developed;

● Demonstrated understanding, integration and appropriate application of business


● Markedly established logic and rationale;

● Clearly delineated decision criteria;

● Conclusions, consequences and implications are logical and reflect an informed

evaluation and ability to place evidence and perspectives in priority order;

● Confirmed ability to answer questions in a clear and informed manner;

● Clarity and documentation of the material.

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