Sports Management M3

1. Review the website of your selected sports product (Golden State Warriors) and the article “Virtual Season Tickets”(ATTACHED BELOW). Share your thoughts on the following questions:

1. Does your selected property have any information on virtual season tickets?

2. Do you see this happening? If so, what are some of the perceived benefits?

3. What are some potential/real down sides to “virtual season tickets?”

2. Refer to the article entitled “Perceived Motivations for Corporate Suite Ownership in the ‘Big Four’ Leagues”(ATTACHED BELOW). Look at the lower portion of Table 1 (page 91) where participants’ responses to questions related to ‘how important it was for the team to improve in a variety of areas related to suite sales, marketing, and service’ as well as ‘what were the most effective methods their team has used to sell luxury suites’.

Share your thoughts. What conclusions can be drawn regarding the survey respondents and their efforts related to premium ticket sales?

3. Given the importance of ticket revenue to the operational stability of sport enterprise, teams have become more and more creative in the ways they package and sell premium ticket inventory. Conduct a bit of research. Share examples of current ways some teams are creatively positioning and packaging their premium seat options.(READ FIVE APPROACHES TO PREMIUM, ATTACHED BELOW)

If you were in charge of premium ticket sales for a professional franchise, what ideas would you put forth?

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