Starting a business

  1. Write an introduction paragraph; a brief introduction to your paper as to who left you the money, why you want to open up your business, the name that you’ve chosen and why you need to do research in order to be in compliance with the laws governing opening up a hair salon.
  2. So, you’ll need to pick a strong business name that will identify your business as unique within the community. What name have you chosen for your salon business? Why did you choose that name?
  3. What city have you determined to be the best choice for your salon? How do you register your DBA; (DBA = “Doing Business As”) within the city you have chosen? ( (Links to an external site.))
  4. Completely read through Title 16 – Division 9. Board of Barbering and Cosmetology as well as the information on Regulations of Hair Salons. (See link below). In terms of hiring or renting space to cosmetologists, what are specifically, some of the key things you’ll need to do in order to be in compliance with Title 16 and the regulations that govern hair salons? (You can bullet these items, but explain what each item entails.)
  5. What are those skill sets that you are required by law to include in training your staff? Why are these important? (You can bullet these items, but explain what each item entails.)
  6. You need to make sure that you have insurance that will cover your business in terms of liability. You need to select an insurance company that will protect you and all your assets. After reviewing your options, (see link below) what company did you choose? What were the main reasons for choosing that particular insurance company? (You will need to be specific.)
  7. You decide to sign a lease for a space in a strip mall. What types of things should you look for concerning the terms of the lease? (Be specific)
  8. Because OSHA and the EPA govern this type of business, what kinds of environmental issues will you need to concern yourself with in terms of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)? OSHA?
  9. You have several issues that deal with regulations of chemicals, especially with a spa and nail treatment facility. What are the regulations you need to make sure that you comply and what areas will you need to train your employees in terms of complying with those regulations?
  10. What information will you need to know about retrofitting your business in order to comply with the American’s with Disability Act?
  11. What types of permits do you need to have in order to comply with the city ordinances in terms of business signs, (signage); road access; ADA parking, etc.? (You can bullet these items, but explain what each item entails.)
  12. It is common in this industry to serve wine if you have a spa-like setting. What rules and regulations cover wine?
  13. (Optional) If you have contacts with someone who owns their own beauty salon, interview them as part of this paper:
    1. Name of the salon
    2. Name of the owner: Phone
    3. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced in terms of getting started?
    4. What have been the most difficult areas in terms of compliance?
    5. Do you have Booth renters? What has been the most challenging aspects of renting space?
    6. Do you allow your stylists to sell products out of their booths if they are Booth renters? If yes, have there been any repercussions in terms of product harm an individual? Would you be held harmless should something occur?
    7. Does your salon currently serve wine or beer to clientele? Do you have a special license for that service? If so, has that ever posed a problem for you as the owner/landlord/ etc.?
    8. Any additional questions…
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