Survey Assighment

This assignment has three sections:

  1. 1) First, review the case and then critically analyze the questions used in the sales force survey (see below). Note: the company does not have a communication assessment strategy and has not established a Key Performance Indicators for its communication activities. To what degree are the survey questions clearly phrased? To what degree do they measure critical attitudes? And to what extent will they provide the basis for corrective action? (400-500 words, 33%)
  2. 2) Review the survey results. Identify 3-4 important patterns that emerge. (400-500 words, 33%)
  3. 3) Based on the responses to question #7, the company is designing a campaign to clearly communicate thecompany’s new strategic direction to sales reps across the country. The campaign will include ‘town hall’meetings in every sales office location, featuring a live videoconference with the CEO. Define one Attitudinal KPI to assess the effectiveness of this campaign and design two survey questions to measure the KPI. Be sure to include your rationale for the KPI and the survey questions. (400-500 words, 33%)
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