two slides presentation with speaker notes

I need two slides presentation about these two paragraph With Speaker notes for each slide

Organizational Capabilities

In terms of the organization, a key resource is the distinct focus towards franchise development.

Currently, 75 percent of Jersey Mike’s growth comes from within the system.

Franchising out their restaurants helps Jersey Mike’s better manage their business through risk minimization and a greater focus on marketing.The company’s philosophy is that with the right training, values and vision franchise owners can run their business with higher returns, for the better of the enterprise.Jersey Mike’s franchisee training program sets the bar high for operational excellence. It requires three times the hands-on experience than many franchise systems. It is composed of 8-10 weeks of required classroom training, in-store experience and time spent with area directors toward helping franchisees make the transition (Jersey Mike’s, n.d.).

Cause Marketing-Philanthropy–A Culture of Giving:

The Jersey Mike’s philosophy—promulgated at all levels—is embodied in this statement influenced by Founder and CEO Peter Cancaro: “You shouldn’t give for the accolades

…or the back pats, or the tax breaks.At Jersey Mike’s, we think you should give for one reason and one reason only: to give (Jersey Mike’s Subs, n.d.).”Our culture of giving at Jersey Mike’s is as much a part of our heritage as oil and vinegar. We believe that making a great sub sandwich and making a difference can be one in the same. Every store we open starts by partnering with a charity in the local community.The hallmark of this ongoing initiative is the annual “Month of Giving” program which is undertaken at both the corporate and franchise level at 100% participation.This is one of Jersey Mike’s strongest attributes.

According to Boone & Kurtz (2006), cause marketing refers to the identification and marketing of a social issue, cause or idea to selected target markets.Cause marketing covers a wide range of issues, including literacy, physical fitness, family planning, and environmental protection.Surveys show strong support for cause-related marketing by both consumers and company employees.Cause marketing can help build relationships.“Consumers look for relationships with brands, not just transactions according to a cause marketing expert (p. 20).”

Jersey Mike’s donations have gone to hospitals, youth organizations, food banks and more (Jersey Mike’s, n.d.).

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