Unilever Company Overview and Market Analysis Discussion

  1. Provide an overview of your company discussing the industry it which il operates. Briefly discuss its sales and profit levels it reported in the most current year for which its annual _ reports are available Gf you are in a 2018 class for example, you.should have access to 2017 annual reports for instance). Briefly discuss.the competitors your company faces within the industry and the regulatory environment it operates within.
  2. Please outline the market structures. For the market structure, outline the facts that need. ‘to be present for such market structures to exist. This question shouldbe general in nature and not related to your selected company.
  3. Having outlined what the different market structures in 2 above, where does the company you selected fit inthe scheme of things? Does your company operate in.a perfectly competitive environment or does it. fit somewhere else (oligopoly, monopoly, other)? Why or why not. You’should ensure that the characteristics that make up a particular market structure are discussed. when determining where your company falls.
  4. Looking at your company’s financial statements discuss what:the organization’s profit levels are like. What are.the aécounting/financial profits and how does it differ from economic profits (in general and not related to your company). In your specific case, what are the accounting profits (give a yalue)? What can. we say about economics profits (without being too specific: are they zero or non-zero).


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