Unit 6 Biblical Characters Leadership Models Response

**There are 2 responses below. Read each one and write a 100 word response for each of the below responses.

Response 1:

Paul as a biblical leader

Before Paul became a Christ follower and a leader and a champion for God’s word, he was known for persecuting Christians that mean trying his best to turn them away from God. His name was not always Paul it was first Saul, but we do serve a name changing and life rearranging God. God used Paul, a person who once despised Christians and Christ and use him to build his kingdom.

“Leadership is to be understood not as dealing with how a particular leader understands and develop the organizational structure of his or her group, but as how a leader interacts with the members or people within the group or a group as a whole to adopt to certain values, goals, practices or behaviors”. Paul’s leadership was enabled through Christ and it was also spirit-led. Paul played a large role in spreading the gospel among the gentiles and his missionary journey took him far above his expectations. Paul started many churches and became the author of 13 books of the bible. Once Paul became a leader for Christ he became encouraging he applied the right leadership strategies and skills. Paul reminds me of the leadership model called “servant leadership”, which doesn’t mean you have to act like a servant it just means that you have the ability to focus on others. You focus on your team and those that are around you. You are simply acknowledged simply by the perspectives of other lives you have touched and supported. Acts 20:35 says In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ”

Response 2:

Within the reading we can verify many good roles that constitutes what a great leader is. Parrott asserted that shepherding which is also known as a being a leader. You must shepherd your flock and not scare your flock. Often times we have leaders in place who are so desperate to make a change and desperate to be so perfect that their leadership rolls fail because they aren’t showing the proper expectations of a excellent leader. Having boundaries is a concept of being a good leader, which plays a large part in knowing each individual until the point where you wont cross them in a negative way the Entergy will always be good in each others presents and wont cause any conflict. A good leader is well balance, they look at the past the present and the future in order to execute the “now”. A good leader tries to involve everyone and never leave an idea behind, therefore a leader must be fair and accountable for all ideas and information and give a vivid reason why ones input won’t work at the current time. A good leader must have the ability to speak up and to be bold and inspiring in order to set the tone for the group of individuals. A leader must not be scared to handle his chosen role, he must use precise words and tell how they feel within every situation, a leader must be the back -bone of the organization and being fear less. A leader must know that change is not always bad and failing isn’t always bad either. A leader must communicate with their heart and not always there head. A good leader most important must communicate with respect, but most of all a good leader must be servant to their people and execute a Christ like mentality and behavior. A good leader must execute the following and always remember to look towards to future of tomorrow and not the past.

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