University of Toronto Values and Ethics Universal Health Care Analysis Paper

NOTE: please be sure that you are clearly identifying the question that you are answering. Include The Part and the number of the question in that part. i.e. Part A 1. Again more isn’t better, as long as you have answered the question.

Part A: There was a discussion in class about common ethical principles. Identify which principle is best related to the following:

  • Trump’s impeachment
  • Euthanasia
  • Respect for elders
  • Universal health care
  • Prayer helps

Part B: Create the Syllogism in brackets for the following and state if it is sound and explain why or why not: (16 marks)

  • Christmas decorations can be seen everywhere in December.(classic)
  • Older women who live alone have cats.(classic)
  • Young drivers who complete Drivers Education courses have fewer accidents.(Modus tollens)
  • Completing college increases your annual income.(modus ponens)

Part C: Explain the meaning of the quote above by Travis Nichols. (6 marks)

Part D:

“Should you tell the professor that the students in the back of the room are cheating?”

The value conflict in this statement is: ___________________________ vs _______________________________.

Part E: Identify the warrants in the following:

  • Rick has fair skin, red hair and freckles. If he stays out in the sun much longer he will surely get a sunburn.
  • The sun is going down, you should put a sweater on.
  • The legalization of marijuana will increase crime.
  • All the other parents are letting their kids go, so you should let me go too.
  • Part F: Ethical Decision Making- We discussed four tests that we can use to determine if a decision/position that we are making is ethical and true to our values, as well as ethical for other affected. Choose one side of the following issue and run it through two of the tests that we discussed.

  • The issue is whether young adults, 16 and older, should be given the right to make end of life decisions.

    Part G: If you could offer information related to critical thinking to the youth of today what would it be? (6 marks)

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