Week 2 Task 2

Reply to the following posts in 100 words or more.

Criteria for Choosing Employee Selection Tools
posted by
Rosie Cordova

The assignment for this week asks for discussing criteria or requirements for selecting/choosing employee selection tools. This is not the same as discussing the features or benefits of employee selection tools.

The question is about the importance of knowing how to select criteria. One may choose objective, subjective, or a combination. In other words, HR managers need to know what requirements (or criteria) to use as guidelines for choosing employee selection and employee development tools. The criteria used should support the strategy of the organization.

What would be some general criteria or requirements for choosing/selecting employee selection tools?

posted by
Rosie Cordova

Let us review validity. Content validity measures the attribute that intends to measure; criterion validity intends to predict behavior; construct validity attempts to obtain theoretical evidence of the validity of constructs and may include the other two types of validity (Ryan & Tippins, 2004). What type of validity method may be used for an employee selection test and why?

Ryan, A. M., & Tippins, N. T. (2004, Winter). Attracting and selecting what psychological research tells us. Human Resource Management, 43(4), 305.

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