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Instructions are also attached, Please refer to the guidelines on the overview attachment_case analysis summary.

Writing the Report: (Per professor) Do not rehash statements in the case except to support a specific point in your argument. You should organize your report logically: do not present information in random fashion. Please use the following system of organization for your written report. The sections are designated by Roman numerals and are arranged in the following order:

I. Problem definition

II. Generation of Solution Alternatives

III. Analysis of the Alternatives

IV. Recommendation of a solution

V. Specify a plan of action

VI. Contingency Plans,

The problem or issue statement is brief. It should point to business concepts and principles that inform the major problem or issue. The alternatives section should be limited to three or four workable solutions to the problem. The analysis section makes up the bulk of the report and should include evaluations of the data or discussions of the influence of the data on the alternatives. A good analysis is more than just a list of advantages and disadvantages of each alternative.

The recommendations section should be relatively short and concise. Do not evaluate the facts of the case in this section or hedge your position. Your written report will be judged on completeness, clarity of presentation and freedom from errors in spelling and grammar. The standard of your written communication should reflect what the business community expects from a college graduate.

Write a case study to answer the following questions attached on the case study. Needs to be at least 8 – 10 pages double spaced.

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