Answers the questions from you perceptive, work experience, and opinion

Diversity in Hiring

Lauren Rice is trying to decide which of two applicants to hire. One has slightly better skills and more experience, but the other is also well qualified. The first candidate is Black and the second is Hispanic. Lauren’s department is 40 percent Black and has no Hispanics even though the company’s core values include promoting diversity. How would you advise Lauren regarding her hiring decision?

  1. Who should Lauren hire and why?
  2. How do you think an applicant’s race should be considered in hiring decisions?
  3. If an organization is interested in diversifying its employees, how would you recommend that it legally do so?

The presence of stress in the workplace can have major impacts on the health and safety of employees. Rising stress levels have been blamed on work stressors such as the threat of terrorism, the information age, widespread layoffs, global competition, violent crime, or any other modern threat Americans zero in on. According to one study, job stress costs corporate America an estimated $200 billion annually in absenteeism, lost productivity, accidents, and medical insurance.

Assignment: Respond to each of the following questions:


(a) Based on your work experience, describe one source/type of stress you have experienced.

(b) Based on your author’s discussion of human reactions to workplace stress, how did you respond?

2. Discuss two specific approaches an organization can utilize to reduce stress levels; be sure to provide support. Has an organization you have worked for employed any of these approaches? How successful were they?

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