Your assignment is to write a 5-7 page research paper on an important film director. I chose Spike Lee

You should select a director who was active (directed more than 3 movies) during the time period of 1950 – 2000. In your term paper, give me the basic details of the director’s life and career. Identify some of the director’s most important films. What honors and awards did the director receive? Provide a sampling of critical opinion about the director’s work (i.e. film reviews or articles). View at least two films by your director and comment on them (one of them can be a film you would have watch previously for the class). Do not summarize any plots. Write about how this director used the following in these films: Editing (montage), Sound and Music, Cinematography, Special Camera Work (steady cam, hand held, optical effects), Special Effects (this can include stunt work).

The final paper, with its bibliography, is to be turned in before the end of week eight. The coversheet, bibliography, and any graphs or images, or appendix does not count toward paper length. The body of the paper should have a one inch margin on all four sides, be doubled-space, and use a standard font style (such as Times New Roman, Courier, or Ariel) and font size (11 or 12).

****I have to use better references per the feedback received when I turned in Stage One and the outline****

Feedback is listed below:

Stage One: Spike Lee is an excellent choice. You have a good idea of how you will be approaching your topic and a good start to your ideas. Be sure to italicize all film titles.

Stage 2 (Outline): You have a good approach to exploring the life and career of Spike Lee. However, there are issues within your reference list. First, be sure to review proper formatting. Choose either APA or MLA and remain consistent in your formatting. All of your current resources have issues and should be avoided in the final essay. is too brief to be useful in this essay. WatchMojo and FilmmakerIQ are fun pop culture outlets, but the merit of their information has consistently been drawn into question. Much of it is aligned with paparazzi and gossip. IndieWire is a quality resource in itself, but the video essays are user loaded and also have questionable credibility. You will want to have many more robust resources to fully support your ideas for this final assignment. While there is no penalty for selecting these resources now, you have one quality resource in your list. Remember, this is a research essay. You need to use college-level, credible resources for your final essay. You need to use UMUC’s library as your primary resource hub.

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