Your Learning Team is the Human Resource Management Team at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization. The new chief executive officer…

Your Learning Team is the Human Resource Management Team at Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Virtual Organization. The new chief executive officer of your hospital has asked your team to prepare a presentation about human resources at the hospital.Prepare a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation for the new chief executive officer.Include the following in your presentation:Describe performance appraisal standards for your hospital.Identify barriers and guidelines for effective performance appraisals.Identify specific employee files that show due diligence of progressive discipline of employees. Determine if due diligence followed in the corrective action file of the following employees:Bennie BellamyAlva BranhamKing LovellLouise McFateFollow the Patton-Fuller Hospital Human Resource goals to examine the changing role of human resource department in response to changes in the health care industry.Include a minimum of four references.Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.PATTON – FULLER COMMUNITY HOSPITALHR Mission StatementTo develop, establish and maintain policies and programs that ensure the successful recruitment, employment and retention of a diverse, well qualified workforce to serve the patients.OverviewThe Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment, selection, classification, compensation, benefits, professional development, employee relations, legal compliance and record keeping for all employees.The department directs and monitors the organization’s efforts to build and sustain a diverse work force.Human Resources is the primary resource for supervisors and employees concerning employment and management issues related to the administration of policies, and procedures. The organization invests in the development of the work force through several training and development programs administered by the Human Resources Department.Strategic Goals·         Recruit, retain, and retain the very best employees that the organization can afford·         Grow/enhance a participative employee culture that includes a focus on diversity and sensitivity awareness programs·         Be an employer of choice·         Create the environment for our employees success·         To create and maintain a risk management program to keep in compliance with legally-mandated federal, state, and local laws, regulations, rules, and procedures to reduce litigation exposure to the company in a diligence manner, achieved through policy and procedure development and enforcementOperational Goals·         To retain our employees by providing competitive and equitable compensation through modern marketplace surveys and research methods·         Offering skill enhancement and leadership development training opportunities through effective training and development methods such as licensure, qualification, recurring, and certification programs·         To create and maintain a equitable personnel policies and procedures to ensure a fair workplace for our employees·         Create systems for reducing litigation exposure to employee-driven adverse actions·         To administer cost effective health care programs which provide for the well being of employeesTo provide a safe working environment for all employees through OSHA and JCHCO-driven p

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