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We have been presented with an interesting study regarding fake documents and the scheme behind their handling for illegal purposes. Understanding that a confidential informant (CI) has provided key data is huge. Insider knowledge of this transaction could potentially smooth the way for quicker processing or at least a more focused investigation. The CI will have provided a starting point and perhaps an “in” to gathering more information.Technology will be crucial here. The contract employee in question will likely have had access to computer resources, and as was the case with Edward Snowden, may have had access to sensitive data (Kramer, 2017). The CI has indicated the contract employee had a network of brokers in other states. IT specialist will need access to the contract employee’s computer and relevant materials on which he worked.Understanding organized crime investigations are multi-faceted and multi-layered. It is not just a matter of investigating one or two people. It is an untangling of a ball of string. With each pull something else moves. Another person is alerted or brought to attention. Of particular concern in organized crime syndicates is the interweaving with legitimate businesses and political or police figures (Finklea, 2010). Sometimes those other figures know what the darker side of the cronies are doing. Sometimes they do not. Investigating the right people while doing as little harm as possible to legitimate figures is a tightrope.The use of a task force when tackling such a large, dynamic group is a must. As with white collar crime investigations, different jurisdictions will have varying contacts, resources, and experience. Wire-tapping, forensic accounting, forensic IT specialists, and skilled interrogators will be crucial. A one-man show will likely not get very far.On a personal note, the movie L.A. Confidential (1997) shows the interweaving of players. It is a work of fiction, but I think it is an entertaining display of corruption and crime.


Organized crime task forces concerning fraudulent documents for illegal aliens. Experts suggest that 75% of working age illegals are using fraudulent social security cards. Their names are used but the numbers are stolen. Fraud examiners have to have effective interviewing skills. trained specialists, requiring detective and technical skills, including knowledge of various IT hardware and software, and forensic tools. Creating a plan is important. It takes time but it most effective to an investigation focused and organized. Officers also need update technology. Computer technology changes are so rapid that if a department is up to date today, their equipment will probably be outdated in six months.Their budgets have not been increased to keep pace with the rapid change in technology. This makes its difficult for law enforcement agencies to keep up with this rapid change. The criminal element is not as challenged to keep pace. They are usually well financed and have the resources to continue purchasing this new technology. A benefit can be agencies working together and sharing their resources. That way the man hours and the funds can stretch further than it could with just a couple of people.


One form of evidence gathering that was used by law enforcement in the capture of James “Whitey” Bulger is that he was an informant for the FBI for years and therefore he was involved in crimes that had a “blind eye” turned to crimes in which he was committing. Another form of evidence gathering that was use was the search of his apartment that he shared with his girlfriend in which agents found guns, thousands of dollars stashed in walls and a number of ammunition. A challenge with the role of FBI informants in the investigation is that the informant are able to get away with their crimes so long as they are telling on other people. The same can be said for agent’s who want to protect informants as this was the case for Whitey. He had an FBI agent attempt to sway the agency to look for someone else rather than upholding the law and going after the person they are trying to arrest for crimes they know come with serious consequences. A benefit of working in an organized crime task force on the Whitey case is for one, using tv shows such as America’s Most Wanted allows for agents to have more “eyes in the sky” as they frequently showed his photo and gave information about this. Another benefit is being able to have an outside perspective on if all agents are doing their job accordingly. In the case of Whitey he had an agent who was trying to steer the focus away from him when in fact someone was able to not only see that this was wrong but was able to relay this to other agents. This resulted in creating a team to work on the case but privately so that Whitey thought he was no longer the focus as his agent buddy thought he had fooled everyone when in fact, Agents were having to work within agencies to protect their work and capture a criminal.


Two evidence gathering techniques used by law enforcement officials in order to convict Whitey Bulger was tips and testimonies from Bulgers past associates and also the evidence in his apartment on the day of his capture in 2011. Bulger was successful at evading the police by completely severing all ties in his life and hiding for over 16 years.

Two challenges of using informants in this case were the leaks by Agent Connolly (his handler from the FBI) to Bulgerand Bugler killing the informants of the FBI. Agent Connolly was leaking the information the FBI had on Bulger to him and was defending Bulger to the FBI so they would not investigate his part in the murder case.”Connolly directs multiple investigations away from White, telling other FBI agents and writing reports that Whitey is not involved in various rackets when he is involved. He also warns Whitey that a businesman is wearing a wire and is trying to get evidence on Steve Flemmi.” ( These tips were also what helped Bulger evade the FBI for 16 years.

Two advantages of working on the Bulger task force would be the focus of the task force. In comparison to a task force for organized crime and a task force for one individual, the focus is more streamlined and not as broad of an investigation. Additionally, working on this case to capture Bulger was more effective because of the area this task force was able to cover across the US. They could address the leads or tips that they received if someone spotted him.

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