business communications assignment

Answer these 3 questions:

Question 1: Do you feel employers who offer unpaid internships take unfair advantage of students’ knowledge and skills? Under what circumstances might it be a good idea to take an unpaid internship? When might it not be a good idea?

Question 2: Read the question “How do you feel about working overtime? Nights? Weekends?” and assume that, in an interview for the job you want, you are asked this question, what would you answer?

Question 3: Answer to this post ”It may not be a general rule but yes, sometimes employers take unfair advantage of students knowledge and skills. However, it must be kept in mind that most employers offer a platform without which students will find employability pretty difficult. Mostly it is a case that students get a lucrative offer from the employer itself or in the same function with another employer. If the employer is good and with a track record of providing industry ready experience and the student has insignificant work skill, it may be wise to take an unpaid internship. With students who have already worked and may need cash flow to support themselves and with an employer not offering relevant work experience, it will be unwise to take up an unpaid internship.”

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