Complete short public speaking discussion

Visual Aids Think about the different styles of speeches we’ve learned about in this course. What visual aids would you use in a demonstration speech versus a persuasive speech? How can visual aids enhance your delivery? Lastly how can the use of visual aids be detrimental to your delivery? For your discussions you’ll first identify scholarly articles regarding visual aids. This can include scholarly videos as well! Discuss the principles for selecting and implementing visual aids for your demonstration speech this week. In your initial posts: Introduce yourself and share thoughts and articles about visual aids in speeches. Discussion should be around 150 words. Share your sources at the end of your post. Follow Up Posts: Read the posts from your peers. Select at least two posts to which you will respond by addressing these items: •Offer your personal experiences which either confirm or negate what your peer has written. •Offer resources or activities that can facilitate the development of visuals aids within a speech.

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