CSS200 National Louis Module 1 Precision Products Staffing Requirement Report


Precision Products specializes in custom-manufactured metal parts. The production manager has asked you to create an Excel spreadsheet to help manage operations. The company needs a way to calculate staffing requirements (number of employees) based on different levels of production.

The five manufacturing operations are fabrication, welding, machining, assembly, and packaging. One unit of production requires 1.5 hours for fabrication, 2.25 hours for welding, 0.7 hours for machining, 3.2 hours for assembly, and 0.5 hours for packaging. This is what you will do:

  1. Download the PrecisionProducts.xlsx file to your computer.
  2. Enter a formula in cell D4 to calculate the weekly production for the first row of 200 units. Copy the formula to cells D5 through D7.
    1. Example: =C4*1.5
    2. You can also use absolute cell reference: Example: =C4*$D$3
  3. Repeat this for cells E4 through H7.
  4. Use the SUM function to calculate the total production hours in cell I4 and copy to remaining cells.
    1. Example: =SUM(D4:H4)
  5. Enter a formula in cell D10 to calculate the number of workers needed for a 40-hour week.
  6. Copy the formula to the remaining cells.
  7. Use the SUM function to calculate the Total Requirements in column I.
  8. Make the necessary change(s) to show the total required for each level of production if Precision Products operates a 45-hour production schedule.
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