management homework

Your resume assignment is to be completed in two parts:

1. Summary statement and three specific value-added statements detailing your accomplishments/achievements

2. The ENTIRE resume -We will review what to add to your resume on Monday Sept. 16th. If you get the “value added” contributions right – believe me you are well on your way! The resume should be a SHOWCASE of your accomplishments and a calling card for what a future employer, business partner can look for when connecting with YOU. It is your BRAND ON PAPER.

Want a head start to your entire resume assignment: Start reviewing your resume before the 9/16 class. Take out – mundane tasks that are associated with all your jobs. Everyone knows a receptionist “answers phones.” Think instead about what you ACCOMPLISHED/ the value you added to the company while at the receptionist’s desk?

Old jobs: Are they relevant to where you are headed now? Do they add to your story or detract?

Just a “minute” jobs: Every body takes a “needed to earn just a little money for a minute” jobs: Decide if you want to include these in your permanent story. Did you add value while there or did you just need a paycheck for a while?

School/Community: Are you in clubs/organizations, community groups or sports activities that add value? What are you doing? What have you accomplished? Did you help organize a fund raising drive or a volunteer day? What was the specific result of your effort? Are you in sports at BSU? Have you ever thought about the REVENUE that your effort generates for the university? How the morale you create is utilized to boost the campus?

Presentation Matters: Start thinking NOW about how your resume LOOKS – conservative fields like accounting and finance still require a basic look but you can add a little color and get a little bit creative with the typeface. Fields like marketing, management and you entrepreneurs? OK – looking to see some ATTITUDE. You don’t have to submit a painting – but your resume SHOULD communicate SOMETHING VISUALLY as well as in writing. It is a PRESENTATION – so start thinking about what that presentation will look like –

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