New York University Jollibee Food Corporations Case Studies

Read the following case studies and answer the four questions:

• As a leader, what choices would you make if you were Tingzon, as Jollibee faced its future at the end of the case (put yourself in Tingzon’s shoes)?

• Why would you make these choices?

• What are the risks and what are the anticipated rewards of your choices?

• How would you know if your International Expansion program was successful?

Requirement: Assignment demonstrates complete understanding and execution of the assigned objectives. Thesis statement/argument is clearly stated, complex and original, and the writing does not spend excessive time on any one point of development at the expense of developing other points in the body of the paper. Writing is also error-free, without ambiguity, and reads smoothly, creatively, and with a purpose. make sure that you answer all questions and use of paragraphs between thoughts/content.

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