Ohio State University Poor Manager and Cybercrimes Discussion

(Discussion Question 1 500 word response two cited references)

Question: It is safe to say that that most or all students have met or worked for at least one poor manager/leader. Please describe what makes a poor manager/leader using a minimum of at least three elements. Provide examples of at least one manager/ leader you did not feel possessed the traits of a good manager/leader.

(Discussion Question 2 500 word response two cited references)

Discussion Questions: What is new or different about cybercrime? How might the growth of cybercrimes shape the ways in which the Internet continues to grow in the future? How does public discourse represent the problem of cybercrime? Is cybercrime inevitable in a connected and globalized world? Is their evidence that cybercrime involves organized crime groups, or is it an individual criminal act performed by a lone person or a group of hackers?

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