Responses Needed

Prepare responses to two of your colleagues’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

  • Share a similar experience and compare your approach with that of your colleague.
  • Offer additional or alternative strategies that your colleague could consider when faced competing priorities.
  • Offer suggestions about how you might have done things in a similar situation

Be sure to support your ideas by connecting them to the week’s Learning Resources, as well as other credible resources that you have read; or what you have observed and experienced.

Learning Resources

Gallo, A. (2017). HBR’s best on saying no to more work. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles. Retrieved from:

Morgenstern, J. (2016). What to do when your to-do-list Is holding up your team. Harvard Business Review Digital Articles. Retrieved from:

Chapman, S. W., & Rupured, M. (n.d.). Time management: 10 strategies for better time management. The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. Retrieved July 11, 2017, from

Eisenhower. (2017). Introducing the Eisenhower Matrix. Retrieved from

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