State Statues

For your written assignment this week, first review the scenario below.

Debbie the defendant walked onto the front patio of Larry’s house and grabbed a laptop that was sitting on a table on the patio. Once Debbie left the patio, she went around to Larry’s backyard. She saw a window open in the kitchen. Debbie reached in through the window and was able to take a digital camera sitting on a table by the window in the kitchen. As Debbie was walking from the backyard toward the front of the house to leave, she noticed Larry pulling into his driveway. Debbie yelled at Larry, “stay away from me, or I will kill you!” Debbie then jumped into the bushes next to Larry’s house to hide.

Larry saw Debbie walking from the backyard of his house carrying something in her hands, but he was not sure what she had. Larry was scared that someone would be walking from his backyard. Larry called 911 and reported “a suspicious person” in his yard. The police immediately responded and were able to arrest Debbie who was still in the bushes next to Larry’s house. At the time of arrest, Debbie was holding a digital camera and laptop. Larry said he recently bought the laptop for $750. He paid $150 for the digital camera.

Next, locate the Minnesota State statutes regarding the following crimes:

For your written assignment, assume you are the prosecutor. Write a paper that addresses the following questions:

  • Based on the wording of Minnesota statutes, what crimes, if any, do you feel Debbie committed?
  • What are the elements of the offense she should be charged with?
  • What are the differences between the possible crimes?
  • What is the likelihood that Debbie will be convicted of these crimes?

Please be sure to prepare your assignment following APA citation and format requirements. You must include proper citations to any source you relied on for information that you include in your paper.

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