University of Nairobi Hospitality Management Vocabulary Cards Paper

  1. Read Chapters 3 & 4 on Hotel Organization (Rooms Division & Food/Beverage)
  2. Complete Hotel Organization Worksheets – There are 3 of these.
    1. Rooms Division – For Special Jobs please do: Revenue Management in one column and Concierge in the other column.
    2. Food & Beverage – Restaurants is the same as Outlets in the text
    3. Other Departments is the 3rd sheet. This is not covered well or at all in the text. So see what you can find online and we will cover more in class.
    4. You may either type or handwrite these. Either way you will want to again make a copy (one for folder and one to keep)
  3. Complete the Calculations worksheets – I will go over these formulas in class.
  4. If you have time the Vocabulary Cards may be done for Ch. 3 & 4.
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