Writing a literature review

Literature review – consecration of those sources with the help of which specific work is written. It should contain information about literally all materials, from thick textbooks to thin brochures.

Literature review concept

In some cases, a literature review should be considered as part of a more significant scientific work. Putting it together can help organize the information in your head, making it more structured.

In this article, we will consider what needs to be done at the stage of preparation for writing a literary review and directly during its compilation. Also, we will not ignore such a crucial stage as checking what has been reported.

Preparatory stage

literature reviewIt is always quite challenging to start writing something from scratch, with absolutely no preparation. To simplify the task a little and save time, it is worthwhile to thoughtfully and carefully prepare for writing a literary review.

To begin with, it is worth clarifying the requirements for compiling a review with your supervisor. He can tell you how many sources you should cover in the text. It is also worth checking with the teacher the form in which the review should be written. This nuance is important for understanding what they want to get from you: a regular debriefing or a widespread critical analysis.

It will not be superfluous to find out the volume of the review or the number of words involved. Then it will be easier for you to navigate the process itself since you have already figured out the discussion of the details. Plus, we managed to demonstrate to the supervisor how much you value his competent opinion.

To quickly find suitable sources, limit the topic as much as possible. Remember that the sources on which you write your work, and at the same time the review, must be relevant for a given time.

In the process of work, you must not only collect sources together but also analyze them. This is necessary so that you can later understand what ties this group of books or articles together.

Once the material is grouped, you need to write down a few theses you can insert into the review. It is in them that holds your opinion on the literary sources under consideration.

As a final step in preparing for your review, assess how authoritative sources you have taken. Perhaps they should supplement them with something, or, conversely, some of them should be removed.

Literature review writing stage

Writing any work naturally begins with an introduction. In this case, it should be logical and confident. Help the reader know what awaits him in this paragraph.

Having finished with the introductory part, you should proceed to the main one. You can build it in different ways:

  • Chronological order. It is appropriate when you are dealing with a specific time frame. In this case, you can demonstrate how the point of view on a particular problem has changed.
  • Type of publications. This method will look organic if the found sources contain very different opinions.
  • Method of trends. The review is compiled according to general trends that are available in various sources.
  • Structure by topic. In this case, much depends on the theses that will be described in the review and the sources themselves. This method is suitable for displaying an abstract topic that can be represented by various literary material.

At the end of writing the work, a conclusion naturally follows, which will generalize everything you have written before. It must necessarily reflect those thoughts that were voiced by you at the beginning and indicate those things that you were able to learn in the process of studying the bibliographic list.

It is important to remember that all parts of the review should be written in your language, not copied from anywhere. But this does not prevent you from using quotations from books as arguments, especially if you can formulate them differently.

Verification stage

literature reviewCheck again with the design rules since your teacher should not have questions about the content of the work and its form. Next, it’s worth checking the logic of the story. If something confuses you in the text, then it is better to reformulate it.

After you finish editing the content, check the text for grammatical, stylistic, and spelling errors. If they are, then eliminate them so that your text is pleasant to read.

In conclusion, I would like to say that the most crucial thing in compiling a literary review is its structure. It should be clear, understandable and connected with the adjacent parts of the text so that you have the opportunity to avoid abrupt transitions. Using our advice, you can write a thoughtful review. The main thing is to be diligent and attentive.

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How to become a successful psychologist

psychologistA good psychologist must, in turn, be a surgeon who painfully but at the same time can effectively reveal a particular human problem. Psychology is primarily a science of the soul, so you just can’t fit into it. And also help the client to look at her from a different angle.

It is no coincidence that we talked about psychology in today’s article. Now, this profession is quite in demand in the labor market. A good specialist in this field is very highly regarded since not all psychologists who have received a diploma are, in fact, such.

Today we have compiled a list of ten tips that can help you breakthrough through this difficult soil through the thorns to the stars.

1.      Get specialized education

Yes, of course, the university does not always provide the necessary knowledge. There is no solid practical background in many ways, but special training forms the essential knowledge base for future specialist.

2.      Communicate more with fellow practitioners

To gain new experience and knowledge, you need to communicate with other people involved in psychology. If you do not have the opportunity to attend various scientific conferences, you can use the world wide web. In it, you can find many sites that have specialized psychological forums. They can communicate, discuss with colleagues, discuss important issues, etc.

3.      Engage in self-development

If you are guided by basic knowledge, then at one point, you will become numb. Science does not stand still but moves forward all the time. Hence, there is a need to study new research methods, obtain further information, etc.

4.      Keep learning and learning about different aspects of life

All people are other, so they come to see a psychologist with individual problems. Therefore, a specialist in this field needs to be moderately open to people and life itself. Do not be afraid to look closely at someone else’s problem, but at the same time remain understanding and human. Arrogance can be off-putting.

5.      Try to listen carefully to the client and understand him.

It is far from always possible to be imbued with someone else’s problem, especially when you do not have a specific life experience. But at the same time, the psychologist needs to try to do this to give practical, working advice. Remember that you must see and be aware of the reasons that led a person to a specific emotional state.

6.      Learn to love people

The psychologist must have a desire to help people. In its absence, there is no specialist himself. Therefore, try to have a person towards you and communicate with him on an equal footing not to feel oppressed.

7.      Understand what you want to do

Psychology is a reasonably extensive science in which there are several different schools, each of which professes different approaches to solving the same problem. To choose an appropriate direction, you need to familiarize yourself with all the existing ones and decide what you want.

8.      Learn to work with groups

Conducting group training is brilliant and intense work that can bring significant results for you and your clients. In this area, you can work with both large and small groups. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Perhaps this is your calling.

9.      Take care of yourself, try to lead a healthy lifestyle

This direction is associated with significant physical and emotional stress, so you need to take care of yourself: go in for sports and eat well and get enough sleep so that various ailments do not interfere with the main activity. Remember that you are unlikely to have a desire to help other people with poor health and an unstable emotional background.

10.  Take care of your clients’ secrets.

psychologist Usually, people come to a psychologist with the most intimate that they have. Therefore, they expect from a specialist not only some support but at the same time silence. Since in this case, the client leaves his secret in the office, which he, perhaps, cannot tell even the closest people. Therefore, this work moment must be treated with understanding and responsibility.

In conclusion of this article, I would like to say that psychologists usually go exclusively by vocation. Namely, when a person begins to realize that he wants to benefit other people in this way. Otherwise, it is unlikely that something can work out. Therefore, always remember this and try to work with maximum efficiency.

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Why is ordering a dissertation a great choice?

dissertation By the time of the writing of the graduate dissertation in the university, students start a family, get a job. Due to these circumstances, the master student does not have time to prepare for the defense, and it has to be postponed.

Seeking help will be a solution to problems. A professional writer will take on writing a master’s thesis. And the student will have to prepare for a presentation before the commission.

Where is the best place to order a dissertation?

A graduate student needs to get guarantees for the performance of the work. By ordering your master’s thesis in “Top Premier Essays!”, You get:

  • High-quality guarantee. Teachers provide help with many years of experience.
  • An individual approach: consider the customer’s wishes when writing a dissertation. The requirements of the university are met.
  • Rest assured that we will even complete an urgent master’s thesis time.
  • The company keeps personal information confidential.
  • The uniqueness of the text is over 70%. Checking for anti-plagiarism for master’s thesis. This is to aid the author take care of the originality of the text.
  • Only relevant information. The contractor of the work ordered by you will ensure that only new bibliographic sources apply in the master’s thesis.
  • Compliance with requirements. The master’s thesis is drawn up following the methodological manuals. Which will allow you to pass the normative control without problems.
  • Reliability guaran Graduates are protected from fraud by a contract that is binding and is concluded with each client.
  • Free completion of dissertations. The necessary adjustments are made to the dissertation free of charge and in a short time.
  • Escort to defense. We do not give up halfway but help to prepare for surrender and defend.

What is the cost of a dissertation?

Before ordering a master’s thesis, each student has interest on the question of the price! Each project is rated based on complexity. The cost of dissertations is influenced by:

  • Direction, specialty;
  • The topic of the dissertation, the degree of its study;
  • Methodological requirements for work;
  • Recommended volume;
  • Text uniqueness threshold;
  • Deadlines

Prices of master’s theses to order in the company “Top Premier Essays!” very adequate, given the support before the delivery of the work, which each client receives. Our experts write dissertations in economic areas, humanitarian, legal and technical disciplines.

The key to the successful dissertation defense

For your work to qualify for a grade of 4 or 5, need to:

  1. When ordering a dissertation, state the subject area, direction.
  2. Send the executor the teacher’s requirements and wishes. Including methodological manuals for writing and designing work.
  3. Make sure that you write the master’s thesis according to the approved plan. If there is no dissertation plan yet, we will draw it up free of charge. After which you will support it with the supervisor.
  4. Specify the deadline for the dissertation. It’s OK if they are adequate, but we also fulfill urgent orders.
  5. Study your dissertation before consulting with your If your supervisor makes corrections, make notes for yourself, which you will pass to the author.
  6. Take care of preparing your speech and presentation for your dissertation defense. We will help you do this.

A personal manager will track compliance with the above conditions, with “You credit!” undergraduates should count on successful defense of the graduation project and a high assessment score.

What subjects do we write dissertations in?

  • Economic directions

Master’s theses in economics include theoretical and practical research on the topic chosen by the applicant. The work has a high percentage of originality, contains calculations. We do various master’s theses to order in such specialties as economics and finance, accounting and audit, and banking. All work is carried out based on a specific enterprise.

  • Humanities

A dissertation in humanities is a voluminous work reflecting the applicant’s theoretical knowledge. Also, the ability to connect theory with practice. This type of dissertation is relevant for teachers, psychologists, speech therapists. The empirical research supports the conclusions drawn from the study of the approach on a topical problem.

  • Legal disciplines

For lawyers, master’s theses on civil, criminal, labor, family, and other types of law are in demand. This study assumes an in-depth knowledge of the topic, the ability to navigate the directions, and uses examples from legal practice to confirm the dissertation’s specific provisions. A reference to the relevant law supports any conclusion.

  • Dissertations in technical areas

Programmers, builders, and students of other technical specialties write dissertations that include a volume part with practice. For master’s theses, the accuracy of calculations and the detail of execution are essential. So, it is better to order dissertations from trusted authors. The work must include drawings, diagrams, and graphic material.

Top questions for master’s theses

dissertation How much does it cost to order our help?

The cost of help for master’s theses depends on the requirements of your institution. The topic’s prevalence, the level of uniqueness. Also, timing, availability of initial data, and your developments influences the price.

Do you check for plagiarism?

We check it on the antiplagiarism website. When making an application, you must state the required level of uniqueness. As a standard, we do 70% or more. If the text is checked using a different system, this must appear at the approval stage.

What needs tin the application to get a good grade for the dissertation?

To get a successful result, you need to send a topic, manuals, and design rules. If there are recommendations from a teacher with consultations, then they are also required for our acquaintance.

Are there any guarantees for the job?

Yes! We go with you to your defense before the commission. We will carry out corrections of work according to the recommendations of your supervisor free of charge. Read more about guarantees here.

Are you helping with the research plan? Do you write articles?

If you have only a topic and a methodological manual in your hands, we always start preparing and agreeing on a content plan. We write articles – each article for a master’s thesis is assessed.

How to place an order and pay for a consultation?

To place applications, use the form on the website, or send us a detailed task by mail or a message to the messenger. After agreeing on the conditions with a personal manager, you will need to make an advance.

Is it possible that the price will change during the writing process?

If the initial requirements specified during the application’s registration do not change. Then the cost of preparation will not change.

I need research projects for my master’s degree – do you do them?

We do turnkey work; that is, we do the whole range of materials necessary to deliver work and successful defense. We go with each client to the protection!

To defend my project before the commission, how can you help me?

We prepare additional materials that may be needed at the defense (presentation, distribution, report, review, etc.).


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How to find out the percentage of content plagiarism

Based on the results of a year’s study at the university, students write a report called a term paper. For a teacher, a course project is a student’s report and an indicator of his readiness for future diploma defense. To assess the student’s ability to and express their thoughts and not compose a work based on excerpts. Also, and citations from literary sources, students’ coursework have a check for content plagiarism.

What content uniqueness should a term paper have?

content plagiarismUniqueness is an abstract concept, and there is no generally accepted data reflecting specific numbers or percentages. This criterion may have a different threshold for individual universities and even departments. Supervisor give report according to which he will receive, the average value of the work’s uniqueness.

Achieving 100% uniqueness for coursework is an unrealistic task since student work includes research by other writers. Even if you want to order a term paper, no author will guarantee you such a high percentage. On average, the coursework’s uniqueness is 70-85%, an indicator of 50-60% is considered low, at which the coursework is sent for revision, or a score of three points is given on it.

The indices of uniqueness can be reduced for specialties of technical and legal orientation or increased for humanitarian profiles.

How to prevent content plagiarism in a term paper?

Writing and passing a term paper is a real challenge if you follow a few simple rules. First of all, do not expect to cheat the system by resorting to synonyms or by ordering a rewrite of the coursework from authors who do not understand the topic. In such a situation, the best way out is to order a term paper, as well as follow simple rules:

  • The correct approach to the selection of the topic. Do not take what you first read on the list. To narrow a case will not allow you to find enough information for complete research. If the topic is too broad, you risk not coping with the enormous amount of data that needs to be processed.
  • Take your time to get started. Please have a few meetings with the teacher, discuss the chosen topic with him, ask for advice on the plan. This will show your responsibility and a serious approach to work.
  • It would be best to take ready-made abstracts or diplomas found on the Internet for sources. Even if you take part in the material, the work will not pass the plagiarism check. One should print the source of scientific data and literature that is not found in electronic form or free access.
  • Include only relevant information in the work. Sources over five years old are considered out of date.

If you follow these recommendations and take a responsible approach to work, you will pass any plagiarism check. You can also ensure a high uniqueness of the text using a term paper to order.

Services for checking term papers for content plagiarism

content plagiarismTo check the finished term paper for antiplagiarism, it is enough to use the exceptional services available. e.g., turnitin.com Free verification of student papers available to any registered user. The resource provides an opportunity for advanced verification in the paid version of the program.

The main difference between the antiplagiarism system and copywriting exchanges. Students often mistake for the necessary resources and check the work there. It is the general university recognition and certification. Almost all universities in the world use this service.

If you want to make sure of your work’s uniqueness, use the right resource. Otherwise, the results of uniqueness after checking the work by the teacher will be different.


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How to write an exciting and original essay?

essayFor the correct writing of any work, including an essay, you should feel its essence. An essay is an essay in prose, written on an established theme without a specific composition. It can be offered to speak about the author’s attitude to a particular event or problem. In work, the author of the essay sets out his impressions, talks about his own experience, emotionally and gives frank statements. The paper’s very definition clarifies that aphorisms, everyday speech, and turns, idiomatic expressions can take place in the text. This does not apply to commissioned essays targeted at scientific conferences or prepared for presentations at scientific events.

How to write an interesting essay?

Writing an essay is only half of the work, the other part of the author’s task is to write the job excitingly and initially. One should implement both functions should at the same time, but you should start by defining the future work style and its nature. The following types of techniques characterize essays:

  • Philosophical
  • Publicist
  • Popular science.
  • Literary critical.
  • Fictional
  • Historical and biographical.

Important point is the topic of the work and its structure.

So that the work does not get tired and moves forward quickly, use the essay ordering service. If you decide to write a student paper yourself, follow these simple tips:

  • Decide on a title for your essay – it will help direct your thoughts towards thinking on a specific topic and encourage you to write the first sentence. As absurd as it sounds, writing the first sentence is the hardest thing.
  • Make a work plan, outline the main points you want to talk about, and stick to them as you write. This will structure your thoughts.
  • Think about possible quotes, aphorisms, or sayings from the classics that are appropriate for your work. This will give the essay aphorism and originality.
  • Please choose the most comfortable point of the plan and start writing work from it. Stick to this principle, and then the whole work will not seem exhausting.
  • Don’t be afraid to change the structure of your essay if necessary. The writing process is created in which there are no strict rules or restrictions to follow.
  • If the essay’s topic needs to be supported by facts or data, try to find relevant material so as not to be unfounded.
  • Express your thoughts emotionally, never be afraid of frankness. The work should reflect your personality.
  • Use literary means to make your work enjoyable. These can be metaphors, analogies, epithets, allegories, associations, or symbols. Furthermore, remember that your primary helpers when writing work is aphorism and imagery. Don’t write long sentences overloaded with punctuation and unnecessary synonyms.
  • Don’t forget about the dynamics of work. Express your thoughts as richly as possible. The essay does not tolerate predictability and monotony. The conclusions drawn at the end should be predictable and logical, but only for you.
  • The finished work must be checked for various errors – express your thoughts correctly.

How to make the work original?

essayIf your goal is to write an engaging, original and catchy essay, do not be afraid to add irony or humor (if appropriate) to painful thoughts. Remember that your work is a direct reflection of personal views, so forget about copying other people’s opinions. Besides, think about what ideas you are ready to share with readers. What should your work speak about? The title of the work may contain a certain amount of originality. Nevertheless, if it seems incomplete to you – do not be afraid to change it. If such work makes you demanding, take the opportunity to order an essay from professionals.


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How to choose the right topic and write an essay?

The topic of the essay can be multifaceted, touch on more than one processor historical period. The student will have to choose detailed niches to state the subject of their description. The teacher also has the right to demand that the topic be agreed with him. The author must provide a plan, main theses, and arguments for confirmation. After receiving approval for writing an essay, it is necessary to choose the topic and its name.

Defining the main idea

an essayIt often happens that the topic for writing an essay has already been given. To focus on a specific issue, the author must highlight for himself the narrower specifics of considering the matter. It will be easier for him to understand the theses, search for literature, and be based on facts. The topic can sound ambiguous, interpret the double image of the research subject. At the same time, must to consider the scope of the abstracts. It is not recommended to write questions on related topics, referring to little-covered areas. For example, if the subject contains questions on the author’s position. You need to write a personal opinion and then support its formation with facts from history or literature.

If the teacher does not give specifics and does not determine the title of the topic, relying on the student:

  • You need to check the sources yourself. Where information on the topic is found, to what extent areas from different categories will be relevant to a given topic. For example, “Games affect the subconscious of a person”. In this topic, it is necessary to reveal psychological influence questions. The author has the right to touch upon related topics related to human health and his perception of the virtual world. There is no need to write about the features of building a game, its specifics, and capabilities.
  • The author should narrow the topic down to a detailed request. For example, “philosophy in the scientific world” will cover almost the entire global ​​development of philosophical concepts. The student can focus on something specific that will relate to the main topic. It is permissible to use auxiliary aspects of the question such as “philosophy in the field of IT” or “how philosophy affects the mind of a person / object / subject.”
  • The topic should cover a wide range of concepts, narrowing down to the main theses and definitions. For example, if we are talking about American architecture. We can touch on the central theme of the reconstruction of buildings of a specific chronological period. The work can devote to particular structures, describe one architect or styles of architecture.
  • The topic chosen should be consistent with the interests of the readers. One must select the audience so that the essay turns out to be a story for it. Without which readers would not answer their questions on the narrow specialization of the area concerned.

One can write an essay in different styles and genres. Differences also affect the composition of the entire material. It should clarify for whom the author is writing. These can go with essays for work, papers for school, essays for preparing for the exam, an art circle, essays for admission to a university, and more.

Selecting a theme from the list

If the teacher compiles the topics, and you need to choose one of them, you should rely on your analysis:

  • Will the student be able to work with an unfamiliar topic? If not, it’s worth looking at other tasks.
  • Will the student be able to navigate in the theses? It is necessary to state not only the terminology but also personal opinion. To do this, all the questions on the topic need to work out.
  • Will the author cope with the professionalism of other writers? If the topic is familiar, you need to work out its questions from different angles of considering the subject. Personal opinion will be the determining vector of how well the student owns knowledge and understands a given niche.

Indeed, some topics sound too abstract. To determine one an essay theme’s choices, it is often necessary to mark the boundaries of a large-scale area to detail and choose your theme.

No topic

This option is the most difficult to define any boundaries. At the same time, the student can choose from the majority – what he wants to write about. In order not to lose in an enough of variety, the following tips will help the author:

  • Choose an interesting topic that would be “heard” by everyone.
  • Determine the model – contradiction or agreement with other authors.
  • State for yourself those boundaries that cannot exceed when drawing up a plan. Write point by point: what will be analyzed, arguments for this, and further down the list.
  • If the direction has already chosen, for example, painting, you can limit yourself to specific events or facts in history.

Depending on the essay’s purpose, the author can criticize the situation, analyze it, show his approval, or compare arguments on the topic in a neutral position. Thus, writing a story in a descriptive, analytical, reflective, and critical style is possible.

Assessment of the selected topic

an essayImmediately after choosing a topic, you need to determine for yourself how meaningful it is. Will the student be able to talk about the main idea in a few words? Is it worth tackling a topic that has no interesting observations? The idea or inspiration was too compromised by the desire to take on a cognitive program. It will help if you consider your abilities – whether the student will match the topic to reveal its features in a specific question or a particular example.

Important! In writing an article, you need to provide facts and arguments and your personal opinion on the entire situation. If one cannot summarize the correct language problem, it is worth revising the area of ​​study. The essay’s topic should touch upon some critical and unknown/pressing issues that the author is talking about.

When examining the potential and possible response, one should pay attention to the availability of sources. The student will have to search for arguments and examples describing the same problem by other authors. It would be more logical to put your thoughts on paper and then start looking for confirmation or refutation.


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Essay writing mistakes

essay writingAn essay is short, prosaic, with free composition. It expresses the writer’s considerations and preferences on a specific occasion or issue. The essay doesn’t try to give a complete translation of the subject, which communicates the writer’s sincere belief.

Essay outline and structure

The requirements for writing it determine the structure of the essay:

  • The author’s thoughts on the issue presented formalize in the form of small theses.
  • Each thought must get supported by evidence in the form of arguments following the thesis.

Phenomena of public life, facts, and events, personal life experience, references to the opinion of scientists. Also, authoritative personalities, scientific evidence act as arguments. To not “overload” the presentation focused on brevity, the optimal number of arguments in favor of each thesis is two.

To write an essay according to all the rules, you must also consider the following essential points:

  • The introductory and concluding parts of the essay should focus on the problem.
  • Highlight paragraphs and red lines to achieve integrity in it. Also, establish a logical connection of sections.
  • The essay can express the emotionality of the author, his expressive assessment, artistry. Achieve this effect through the use of simple, short, and varied intonation sentences. Also, the skillful use of dashes.

If you are not sure that you can articulate the problem and give it your assessment, use the essay service.

Essay writing rules

  • There is only one formal rule – the writing of the title.
  • The essay can have an arbitrary internal structure, and it can include the conclusions in the title or the main text.
  • Arguments can appear before the formulation of the question or problem. The wording itself may coincide with the conclusion.
  • The essay is a kind of replica addressed to an already prepared listener who outlines what to discuss in general. Thanks to this, the author can reveal new facts without burdening the presentation with service details.

To follow all the recommended rules and interest the commission or the teacher in your work. You can use the service and order an essay from authors who have professional writing assignments.

Top 5 mistakes when writing an essay

There is no time frame for writing an essay. You can do the work several times, redoing it if you don’t like something. For the final result to be as good as possible, try to avoid common mistakes:

  1. Inattentive check of work. It isn’t enough to check punctuation and spelling. Proofread your work and ensure that there are no awful expressions, vague articulations.
  2. Insufficient detail, long and tedious essay introductions. A fascinating essay can lose in that it records explanations that are not upheld by models.
  3. Excessive word count. The paper’s length has restriction to a particular number of words, so the accessible volume ought to be discarded. Sometimes, you can dispose of reality’s subtleties, particularly on the off chance that they are not identified with the case. Try not to divert the reader from the fundamental subject of the essay.
  4. Substitution of the ideas of the essay and unique. The theoretical gives an examination of the literature writing, sums up the realities demonstrated in the source. When writing it, twisting of the existing data isn’t permitted. In an essay, the writer should communicate his perspective. While nobody restricts him from introducing realities and contentions.
  5. Too long expressions. “over-burden” of essays with terms and definitions. Long sentences with many turns are not a confirmation of the accuracy of the writer’s view. By and large, they divert the reader from the issue, sidetrack.

A well-written work in which the above errors are absent is a guarantee of achieving your goal. Besides to personal participation in the text. Ordering an essay can help in this situation.


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