Developing Leadership in a Changing World

Please answer question 1-7 use proper paraphrasing and references also cite and can you put the reference for each under the answer of each questions thank you. FOR QUESTION 3 IT’S A LINK BELOW IT BEFORE ANSWERING THE QUESTION.

1.As we have been discussing, we want to openly value diversity and welcome individual cultures. Yet, we know to some degree we need everyone to come together as one to meet common objectives. How can leaders do both without negatively impacting either?

It seems clear there are benefits for achieving diversity. Yet it continues to be a problem. True enough, there are cultural and historical elements that stand in the way. Unfortunately, best intentions are not enough to enact change. So, what can we do? Consider the action-oriented suggestions in this article: GETTING BEYOND GOOD INTENTIONS TO BRING ABOUT DIVERSITY IN THE WORKPLACE.

2. Do you think any of those suggestions can enact change or are they more intention based only? What specific steps should companies take to ensure their workplaces represent diversity in a way that leads to a productive – not an image-building only – outcome?

3.The more they work together the more they start to see the value from having people from different backgrounds. You will get a lot of different ideas or ways of looking at something that will give your team a competitive edge.” Being sure to include team members and valuing diversity are true key characteristics for any leader to embrace and practice. The question becomes what is the best way to do that? And, where does it start and stop? Specifically, the leader can certainly set the tone, but it takes the entire team to ensure everyone feels value and included.Consider the tips in this article from the perspective of what employees can do. What should the leader do to encourage and sustain this type of employee empowerment?

4. As more women come into the workforce and take on more leadership roles, what impact will that have on different generations of workers? What challenges still remain for women in leadership positions?

5.There are statistics that validate and expand upon Dustin’s claim: WOMEN AND LEADERSHIP. Although we can blame social history and pressures, should we be letting organizations off the hook? Consider what this company did to put its money where its mouth is: STARTING WITH EQUAL PAY.What would prevent other companies from acting like Salesforce, Inc. after getting past its initial denial?

6.What are the steps to leadership and self-leadership?

7.Compare and contrast groups and teams. Provide an example of an effective team. What are the elements that contribute to its success?

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