[Finance] Intro to Investments: report about trading stocks

I need a report about trading stocks. I have attached the file for project instruction, lecture powerpoints, and my stock trade results. Please analyze the stocks with terms and concepts from the lecture powerpoints! (You don’t need to use all of them, just pick concepts you like)

The report will describe what stocks (choose five) you traded in during the game period (name of the company and ticker symbol), the criteria you used to buy or sell particular stocks (in particular, you need to highlight what you learned during the course to improve your trading performance), a note on your overall performance, and if you would do anything different in future trading to further improve your performance.

Break the report into sections such as…

 Introduction – Here you should briefly discuss what the purpose of the project is.

 Stock Selection and Portfolio – What stocks you selected and why; what are the characteristics of your resulting portfolio (diversified, etc.). You will include any analysis you did to pick your stocks in here. You should try to relate your analysis to the concepts learned in class, but also feel free to add any insights you gleaned/used during your stock research. You can include simple graphs within the report, but if you have a lots of graphs, excel sheets, etc., consider using an Appendix.

 Performance – Discuss how your portfolio performed. You can include risk measures such as beta of stocks, talk about risk-adjusted performance and performance relative to the market portfolio, etc. Try to summarize results in tables, if possible.

 Conclusion – You will provide a brief conclusion. The most important thing in this section is to talk about what you learned from the project and what you would do differently if were to do this again (may be in real life with actual money).

 References – Include any references to books, news articles, websites, etc. after the Conclusion.

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