I have uploaded week 4 paper . I need 350 words with references for my contingency portion.


Develop a Complete Change Plan for a change initiative that you want to make happen. Use facts from the case study scenario that your team selected in Week 4. The team may add no more than three facts or characters, or a combination of facts or characters to the case study to assist in fleshing out the development of the Complete Change Plan.

Use your team’s top selected strategy for the change initiative as well as the statement of the need for change and your vision for the change developed in Week 4.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word detailed Complete Change Plan. The Complete Change Plan will be broken into the following four parts:

Contingency Planning

  • What are the critical decision points? Who makes those decisions?
  • What should be done if the decision or event does not go as planned?
  • What plans can be made to account for these contingencies? If you can, draw a decision tree of the action plan and lay out the decision-event sequence.
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