Leadership in Managing Disasters and Crises” Please respond to the following

“Leadership in Managing Disasters and Crises” Please respond to the following: •From your research, prioritize the leadership tasks that a leader must possess during an emergency. Next, speculate on an example or scenario where weak leadership could have made matters worse during an emergency situation. Select ONE task from the following and discuss: a.Sense making connotes the task of recognizing the extraordinary conditions from ambiguous and contradictory signs. b.Decision making in managing disasters covers prioritization of needs and use of resources as well as making effective decisions under stressful conditions. c.Meaning making refers to the process of reducing the uncertainty, communicating clearly with the public, and explaining to stakeholders what the current condition is, how the situation is managed, and what they are supposed to do to reduce the uncertainty. d.In the terminating task, leaders eliminate the disaster conditions and bring the routine life conditions back to life again. e.Learning involves recognizing lessons from the mistakes and building up experience to ensure that more accurate policies, procedures, and regulations are established going forward.

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