Mid paper plan

Task: For this Midterm, you are tasked with completing an initial event plan.

The event is : A Silent Auction benefitting the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Riding Program (NVTRP). I would do this by asking companies and people to donate experiences and objects, then all the money would go straight to NVTRP. NVTRP allows people with disabilities to use horses for therapeutic purposes

Audience: This paper should be written towards your chosen organization leadership (ie their Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Executive Board, etc).It should therefore be written formally.Assume the reader is familiar with leadership strategies, communication terminology, and event planning.

Research Requirements:2 scholarly sources, 1 trade publication, Class Text(s)/Readings, PLE, & others as needed

Requirements: In approximately 3-4 (double spaced) pages, propose an event by addressing the following components in a fully developed sentence outline.This means 2-3 sentences (or more as needed) to address each requirement.Using first person is acceptable for this midterm.


  • Introduction & Event Summary
    • Need for the event (Goal or purpose of the event)
  • Researchin this section you’re giving me a brief account of what internal & external influences might affect
    • SWOT Analysis—what is going on in the community, in the organization, in the neighborhood—this supports your ‘need’ for the event.This may be in graph form, provided the writing is still formal.
      • Strengths what do you want to promote?
      • Weaknesses what is unlikely (perhaps funding? High attendance?)
      • Opportunities (think about the ongoing nature of the relationship between the org or event & the affected communities)
      • Threats (will it be hard to recruit volunteers? Do you expect a small budget? Are other major events scheduled for the same time?)
    • Leadership Assessment—Using the Situational approach, identify which leadership style would be most appropriate for this event. Naturally—you should support your claims/applications with in-text citations!This is likely to correlate with III. b. (HR/Personnel needs)
  • Design
    • Creative Plan
      • Cui bono:Who benefits? Why does this address the previously stated need or goal? (‘Start with WHY’)
      • Marketing Plan
        • Traditional (TV, radio, etc)—minimum 1 plan, maximum 3 Be sure to answer the ‘why’- why these channels, stations/etc
        • New Media (social media, website, etc) —minimum 1 plan, maximum 3 same with New Media!
    • Human Resources Planning—identify what Human Resources are needed and complete a brief plan for this event
      • Human Resources (who will be a part of the event)
        • Directors
        • Staff (volunteers, workers, security, etc)
        • Guests
        • Others (identify)
  • Plan your Event
    • Event
      • Name—and motivation behind this (why is this creative & catchy to ideal/target audience)?(This should take into consideration: the target audience(s), the surrounding communities, legal restrictions, etc)
      • Site/Event Plan—and rationale (why would this work). (For ex. How early would you need to book _____ Park or _____ arena?Is the location too big for the event?Does it take into account the needs of the likely attendees (and consider the restrictions places on a location or from a municipality)?For example—certain parks, beaches, etc prohibit animals or alcohol, some locations do not provide access for physically challenged populations, etc)
      • Staffing Plan—and rationale (early stages of who would be necessary, and thinking about ideal v realistic expectations)
    • Leadership
      • Theoretical Application (This is a personal application—I’m looking to see how you might incorporate leadership terminology to the event plan—in this draft version, a paragraph should suffice—perhaps applying terms from the class and how they are evident in your planning considerations.)
    • Contingency Plan(s)
      • Overview of Site, Staffing, Communication (briefly describe your thoughts on a back-up plan—secondary location, how will information be disseminated, what changes will be made, or services cut if volunteers don’t show up, if more event-goers do show up, etc)
  • Coordination
    • Logistics Schedule (This can be bulleted—in what order will the event go –how many volunteers per area/time with rationale—remember to use similar types of events to plan your staffing/timeline plan.You can cite them as necessary for comparison purposes.)
  • Conclusion: Briefly summarize the event plan and benefits to target audience(s).
  • Reference Page (APA formatted)

Quality and details are extremely important, will be a bit more attentive to results.

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