Serial Killer Types

This assignment will assess competencies 1. Examine the motivations, drives, and outcomes of serial killers and 4. Explore the different types of serial killers.

Directions: In the Manson murders, we see that there were both men and women involved. Research the key features of male and female serial killers.

In a one to two page essay, address the prompts below. Your assignment should be double spaced using 12 point Times New Roman font (black).

  • What are some key features of male serial killers? Do these relate to the men that participated (Tex etc.)?
  • What are some key features of female serial killers? Do these relate to the women that participated?
  • Can these murders be considered team killings?
  • Finally, we see the moniker of serial killer on Charles Manson—does this extend to the “Family” members that committed the murders as well?
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