Psychology Discussion

Read the following and answer the following question below.

The two terms sensation and perception are related, but the two words mean two different things. While the term sensation refers how human beings can sense their environment through touch, taste, sight, sound, and even smell. After this information have been received in the brains, the terms perception comes into play. Perception is, therefore, a way in which human brains interpret sensations and thus makes sense of the things that surrounds them (Coren, 2003). The difference is like the difference between hearing a sound of music from perceiving the music being played.

The perceptual process has a certain degree of subjectivity. An example of this was seen in a controversial advertisement that was created for Benetton by a French agency in some years back. In the commercial, a black man was featured with white man handcuffed together. The ad raised many complaints concerning the advert. Many perceived that the ad was very racist in nature. Many thought that the black man was perceived to have been arrested by the white man. The ad, however, showed the two men to have been handcuffed together.

In conclusion, from the above example, it is clear that perception can be affected by subjectivity, even though the two men were dressed in the same attire and handcuffed together, much thought otherwise. The perceptual process can be demonstrated as a subjective process from an individual to different people. It is believed that such interpretations stem from the schemas (Foley & Matlin, 2015). Schemas is a very important determinant of how we choose to evaluate this object at a later time.

1. In this case, what can influence a change in one’s perception?

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