Stage Five- Identity vs Role Confusion

Assignment 3: Personal Lifeline: Part III

Personal ReflectionIn this third part of the assignment, you will write a reaction paper on insights and knowledge you have gained by creating your own presentation, as well as viewing the presentation of one of your peers.

Write a two- to three-page reflection paper, addressing the following:How have the specific theories captured the unique developmental milestones depicted in the presentations?

How do you think the unique personal life events and involvement in sport and/or physical activities have influenced your and your peer’s growth and development?

Describe the events in the author’s life that are markedly different from your own and how these affected you when you read about them.

How might your future clients feel doing something similar that may be vulnerable for them?

Any other insights gained as you talked with family members or others?

Present your reflection paper in Microsoft Word document format. Name the file M6_A3_LastName_Reaction.doc, and submit it to the Submissions Area by the due date assigned.All written assignments and responses should follow APA rules for attributing sources.Assignment 3 Grading CriteriaMaximum PointsAnalyzed how has the specific theories captured the unique developmental milestones depicted in the presentations.

8Explained how unique personal life events and involvement in sport and/or physical activities influenced growth and development in you and your peers.

8Described the events in the author’s life that are markedly different from your own and how these affected you when you read about them.

8Analyzed how your future clients might feel doing something similar that may be vulnerable for them.

8Described the insights gained as you talked with family members or others.

8Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources, displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation



Institutional affiliation:


Going to College.

At first, I was excited about joining college.

But when I finally joined, things were different.

Everything seemed to be moving so fast.

It took me some time to adjust.

Even though I was excited to enroll for college, I did not anticipate some of the challenges I faced after joining. One of the major challenge I faced was that things seemed to be moving to fast in the institution. During the first days, I always found myself getting late for classes or orientation events because it was tough to find my way around the institution with multiple buildings. However, I was able to overcome it with time I learned my way around the college environment.



Separating with my college friend

After college my long time friend and I had to part ways.

We had different career interest and it was time for venturing out.

It was a tough time because we had become close like family.

Talking over the phone was as interesting as being physically together.

The separation was difficult for me because this was an individual who had been in my life throughout college and we had developed a strong relationship. He was the person I would run to whenever I had a problem and he would do the same whenever he had an issue. However, after college, he got a job offer to move to anther state and as such we had to part ways. Over time I have been able to learn how to live with it and it has become much easier as speaking on the phone plays a significant role in keeping contact. It took me some time to adjust because he was studying IT and as such he was very helpful with technology stuff. It took me some time to adjust when we finally separated.




I was introduced to basketball when I was a child.

It has been my passion since.

The game has helped me:

Maintain my health and fitness through regular exercise

Improve my thinking and reasoning skills

When I was growing up, I become interested basketball as it was one of the main games I would play with my friends while off school. As such I grew to love the game and even joined the school team where I advanced and learn more about the sport. Throughout this time, I was able to engage in physical exercise to improve my skills and abilities in the game and this greatly improved my health as well as decision making skills.

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I learned to play chess while I was in high school.

Ever since it has become one of my favorite games.

This is because it is:

Interesting and enjoyable

Improves my critical thinking skills.

When I was introduced to chess for the first time, I felt like it was the hardest game ever. However, over time, fell came to realize that it is not has hard as it seems and as such I fell in love with the game. I gradually improved my skills in the game as I played with more of my friends. By the time I was competing high school, I was one the top ranking chess player in the school as well as my neighborhood. I believe that the game has played a significant role in improving my critical thinking abilities.

Image soured from:




I met milestones while I was in:


My first job

Leadership roles during my career

Milestones are set to ensure that particular goals are met within a particular time. The three cases above present some of the most significant moments when I had milestones to meet. In college, I had to undertake and complete my undergraduate project within a particular time frame. Even though the project involved a lot of work, I was able to develop and effective work schedule that enabled me to successfully complete the work within the required time frame. I had goals that I was supposed to meet on my first job and as such, I worked to ensure that I meet the goals so as to guarantee the success of the organization as a whole. Last but not least, in my leadership role, I have worked in various instances where I am expected to meet a particular set of goals within a given time. The successful achievement of these milestone have played a significant role in my career development.

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How I achieved the milestones

Proper management of deadlines

Highlighting important dates

Setting and effectively managing project deliverables.

Better deadline management helped me to deliver the desired outcomes within the required timeframe. Highlighting important dates helped me to prioritize on the project deliverable based on their due dates. Finally, setting and managing project deliverables enable me to focus on the milestone while at the same time giving the opportunity to make changes to the project when faced with unforeseen circumstance that may affect the achievement of the project milestones.



I am good basketball player

I understand a lot about technology though I did study IT.

I am a great negotiator

Professional level chase player

The above abilities make me unique because not many people exhibit them. Regarding basketball, I am good at shouting as I was rated the best 3 point shooter in my high school basketball team. I also understand more about technology because my college roommate was an IT student who taught me so much about the industry. Also, I have effective negotiation skills that have come in handy when faced with the need to negotiate during various points in my life. I am also a professional chess player as I participated in various local and regional chess leagues.



My family has influenced me from childhood to adulthood.

My father has greatly inspire and motivated me to pursue my interests.

My family members have always been their to offer their support when I am in need.

Even though I appreciate my who family, I particularly focused on my father because he has been an inspiration and motivation to my life. He was always teaching me how to understand the world in addition to helping learn how to make tough choices. His teachings have played a significant role to make me who I am today. Also the fact that may who family is always there to support me gives me the energy to follow my interests to the best of my ability.



My life has greatly been influenced by religion.

I was brought up in a Christian family.

My decision and choices are greatly influenced by Christianity virtues and values.

Religion has had a great influence on the person I have turned to be. This is the case because I was brought up in Christian family and as such I was instilled with norms virtues and values of Christianity. As a family, we would go to church every Sunday. My siblings and I would go to the Sunday school classes while may parents went in to the main church. As such, Christian values form part of my life as they influence my actions and decisions.

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I strived to follow the ways of Christ as required.

In engaged in various religious seminars and conventions.

Also I made a ton of friends through religious gatherings and events.

I am still a Christian to date

Christianity is part and parcel of my life because I have grown and developed into an adult learning and practicing it beliefs and values. Moreover, through my engagement with other believers, I have been able to meet new people and build ne relationships that have greatly benefited me as well as those that I meet. For instance, some of the seminar would focus on training youths on particular skills such as computer programing other others. These are activities that did not only impact knowledge to the youth but also promote teamwork and collaboration.



Stage One-Trust and Mistrust

I learned to trust others

This is because my needs were care for as an infant.

Stage Two- Autonomy vs Shame and Doubt

I gained autonomy

My parents let me learn how to take care of myself.

In engaged with my parents regarding my behavior when I was an infant and one thing that they all agreed on is the fact a that I was able to trust those around me to take care of my needs. As such, I would not have issues being handled by an outside individual who was new to because I did not trust them. My parent gave me duties and responsibilities that were aimed at taking care of myself and gradually I was able to learn how to take care of myself as suggested by (Dunkel et al., 2017).

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Stage Three- Initiative vs Guilt


As a child I used to take initiate in the things that I engaged in.

Stage Four- Industry vs Superiority

I was industrious growing up

This was evidence by the high level of competition I had with my friends.

According to my parents, I used to take initiative as a child and would want to handle even tasks that would otherwise prove to be too difficult for me to handle. Most of the time I would fee bad if I was unable to undertake a particular task and had to seek assistance from my parents or siblings. At the level four, I believe I was an industrious child as I always wanted to do the things that my agemates and friends were doing such as riding bikes and playing soccer among other childhood activities, (Knight et al., 2017).



Stage Five- Identity vs Role Confusion

I gained my identity and role in the family and society as a whole

This was founded on Christian values

Stage Six- Intimacy Vs Isolation

At some point I was worried of isolation

I wondered what if I don’t meet the right person?

While I was at the stage five, Christian values played a significant role in shaping live. This is because I was focused on growing up in the way of the church and thus influencing may actions and behaviors. Regarding the last stage, it was during my 20s that I began to worry about my life in the future. At this time, I still remember having worries whether I will be able to met the right person to spend the rest of my life with (Newman & Newman, 2017).



The theory focuses on:

Learning and becoming independent.

This is applicable during my basketball training.

My couch trained me how to improve my shooting angle through demonstration.

After repeated trials, I was able to improve my shooting.

The theory come to play because my coach demonstrated to me the best way to position my hands when holding the ball to guarantee an accurate shot. Through repeated practice, I was able to improve my shooting and this can be related to Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development because I was able to overcome what seemed like a challenge and improve my shots as suggested by (Murphy et al., 2015).



I started active sports engagement as a teenager.

This was when I joined the school basketball team.

I has to sacrifice personal time to attend training and exercise.

I have also made many friends through basketball games and training.

Many of them are in my life till now.

Sports has greatly influenced my personal life from the time I was a teenager. I had to sacrifice my personal time to attend training sessions to improve my play. Also, through the games, I have been able to meet new and interesting people who have greatly influenced my life. This is because these are individuals who have contributed to making me what I am today in one way or another through our interactions and engagements.



Examples of sport activities and their influence

I am currently the a member of the state basketball association.

We are engaged formulating policies for school basketball games, tournaments and leagues.

This is something that has become part of my adult life.

From the above information, it is clear that what started as a simple passion for playing basketball has grown into a more important role as I have grown into adulthood. The fact that I am involved in the basketball activities in the states means that the activity still plays a significant role in my life now just like it did back then when I was still young.

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I would say my personal life promoted my sport activities.

There was nothing significant enough to prevent me from going for my practice.

My friend and family supported me as they attend my training as well as game sessions.

I would consider my personal life to have promoted my sport activities because I did not have relationships, ties or activities that prevented me from realizing my sport dreams. Those in my personal life, friend and family, were always supporting my sport activities thus motivating to excel. For instance: My parents ensured that I had everything I needed to be a good player such as the required sport gear. Also, my parents and family travelled long distances to see me play against others teams and school and this was a great motivation to me.



My experiences throughout my growth and development have influence the person I have become.

The greatest influence include:

Family beliefs and norms

Religion, particularly Christianity

Experiences from personal and sport live has also influence who I have become.

Individuals are bound to experience various issues and challenges when they are growing up which will have a significant influence on their lives as a whole. The experiences that I have had throughout my life have contributed to molding me into the person that I am today. These include a combination of my personal as well as sport life. It is also important to mention that I have been able to realize success in my life because I have been able to find the right balance between my personal and sport life.



Dunkel, C. S., & Harbke, C. (2017). A review of measures of Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development: Evidence for a general factor. Journal of Adult Development, 24(1), 58-76.

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