UCSD Use of Performance Enhancement Drugs in American Football Research

““ Turn a short annotated bibliography (4-5 items) on the topic for your final research paper. Concretely, you need to find 4-5 items (newspaper articles, NPR reports, documentaries, or academic articles) and write 2-3 sentences describing their main idea for each item. You also need to have a title for your project. “”

(This is the only part that needs to be done, does not have to do the whole paper at this time)

Whole paper instructions- just to let you know what is the project about

Your task is to carry research on a topic of your choice. To do this, please start to think since the first day of class in possibilities for this work. My advice is to choose a sport you like and start to collect information – origins, participants, developments, controversies around, etc. You have to craft a small annotated bibliography and define your research question. This paper must have a sociological focus – look at questions which relate sports and a given society. A historical context may be necessary, but your document cannot be purely historical. Your project can be on class topics, or sports and topics not discussed in class – i.e., health issues, doping, parenthood, urban consequences for mega-events, etc.

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